And where is it that two naked people can fuck outdoors without the cops swooping down and giving them sex offender status?
holy shit, this is the most thoughtful critique of a Savage Love podcast ever written. I paean thee.
Why the fuck would you use a rock?
@3"Why the fuck would you use a rock?"

- A rock suggests spontaneity, unlike a toy which would imply premeditation.
- Rock is a manly material, so a woman can rub a man way down below without it being, you know, gay.
- Further, by definition it would be rock-shaped, and therefore not at all phallic.
- Lastly, from the dawn of time, the right rock was the proper tool for many jobs, and so, should her guy freak out about this surprise, she can reach back into our shared evolutionary history, and bash the guy's brains out.
Citronella...ugh...and ya, that sounds like an awful picnic; woman-on-man-on-rock loving aside...
The first time I heard this on the podcast Dan correctly described the stone as going against the perineum (he may have said taint though). He subsequently and exaggeratedly said anus for effect and it was funny...and the people rejoiced.

I would have hoped that someone who choose an obscure term for a figure-of-speech as their pen name would have a firmer grasp of hyperbole.
Surprise! Finger or mystery object in the dudes butt is always Cosmo's secret sex tip
Rock? Why? What the hell is wrong with the heel of your hand?
@Danger I am certain of my recollection, because the second time I heard this (podcast 181), I thought "And again!" However, if you (or any other good readers) are able to point me to the original instance (preceding podcast 181), I will reward you with an actually interesting prize of your choosing (up to a $50 value; I have options in mind*). That offer is good whether or not I am right in the end. And since this is the Internet, which is 90 percent constituted of porn and hair-splitting, I would say that whereas the inside-the-ass embellishment is certainly intentional/hyperbolic, rock-on-the-anus vs. rock-on-the-taint is just switching out one (accurate) silly thing for another (inaccurate) silly thing. So as to who's been remembering wrong here (you, me, Dan), only vigorous time-consuming sleuthing will tell.

*This is serious. @OuterCow won the last prize I put up for grabs.
@9 in episode 131 at about 8 mins in he says "into his taint"

hope that helps!
@9 I assumed that 181 was the first instance. Thanks @tal for doing the leg work that I never would have. You could probably get two subscriptions to Cosmo for that $50.
@11 it's a good thing I post such things from a love of being right, $50 in Cosmo subscriptions would definitely send me running away...

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