Noel Frame, who is running in the crowded race to represent the 36th Legislative District (Queen Anne, Ballard, Magnolia), just snatched the exclusive endorsement of SEIU 775. The labor union represents 40,000 care workers, making it among the largest unions in Washington State and consistently one of the most influential players in Olympia politics.

In trying to set herself apart in the six-way race, Frame has also picked up the sole endorsements of Governor Christine Gregoire and the 82,000-member Washington Education Association. Frame runs the state chapter of Progressive Majority, a group preparing and recruiting liberals for elected office.

But she is hardly a shoo in.

Totes-supes-mega-captain-cutesytime-adorbes Brett Phillips, who has secured machinating consultant Christian Sinderman, won endorsements from the King County Labor Council and local chamber of commerce. Meanwhile, Gael Tarleton is leading the fundraising pack, far and away, with $66,214 in reported contributions.