The Romney campaign claims to have made over one million dollars in small donations since the Supreme Court upheld the health care mandate. I don't think this kind of crazy energy is sustainable—once Romney has to take a question about the difference between Romneycare and Obamacare, the teabaggery energy will dissipate quite a bit—but it is a reminder that the Republicans have the fundraising advantage this time around. If you have an extra twenty bucks lying around, you might want to do your part to offset the flood of idiocy.

There's a flip side to this, though: What the Republicans are in danger of doing here is running too hot again. All this conservative outrage about Roberts being a liberal and American freedom dying today is only going to further alienate independents and those few sensible Republicans sticking with the party.

In other news, Romney's cries of repeal and replace might be energizing the base, but a repeal is probably not as possible as Romney pretends it is.