The first big video from the campaign to approve Referendum 74 this November charts the path to victory for gay marriage:

This ad manages to hatch three birds with one egg.

The first and most important aspect: It's a narrative story. Polls show consistently that stories about LGBT couples are the key to winning—because couples in love are instantly comprehensible and disarming. It's also a story about people's personal evolution to accept marriage equality—like Obama and Governor Gregoire—and gives voters permission to evolve along with them. If Washington United for Marriage can remind voters, as this ad does well, that everyone feels love the same way, wants love to be recognized the same way, and shift their opinions the same way, they can connect with the lizard-brained moderate voters who typically tune out election hype. Even better: These stories inoculate moderate voters against the infectious scare tactics of the anti-gay right.

Second, this is a straight couple. It's not a gay couple talking; this isn't a gay issue. It's a fairness issue. Third, the man talking is a reverend. The opposition has tried to stake their moral high ground on their piety, and the media keeps falling for it. The approve R-74 campaign is just as religious and more righteous, without being sanctimonious like the bigots who use the Bible as a weapon. More ads like this, please.