Dr. Ben is also the Director of the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic. The work he does there is amazing, and way more important than his position at UW.
Yes on I-502!
I guess this is the part where we ignore the fact that any time you mention any organization with the words "la raza" in it, you're basically pouring gasoline onto the fire of right-wing political activism?
More proof that know one reads these initiatives. Whose more likely to get pulled over and blood tested for THC content in their blood than people of color? These new prohibitionist measures hurt the segment of society that can least likely afford to defend themselves. If you get pulled over and the cop "smells pot"....he's impounding your car and taking you off for a blood test. That blood test may take days to complete. By then you've lost your car to impound and towing fees and you've spent days in jail on a drug related you no longer have a job. If you do test over the bullshit "legal limit", you'll no longer have a drivers' license or even the possiblity of finding a new job because you have a DUID on your record....along with no car and no drivers' license.

Welcome to the wonderful world of "legalization". Why didn't the ACLU think of this sooner! We'll all be soooo much safer under I-502! (Just drink the Koolaid and shut up)

Just keep chanting "But it's legalization"....

Steve Sarich
NO ON I-502 Committee

Don't listen to fascists like Sarich. I was just banned from the Cannacare messageboard for posting the following. I'm glad I saved it. Sarich and his minions obviously don't want those they are manipulating to hear the truth :

"You've been reading, and appear to be peddling misinformation and propoganda. I-502 does nothing to hurt pot patients and it's rather shameful that you would make such a claim. Wake up and start doing what you can to pass I-502 and make Washington the first place in the world to have LEGAL marijuana. Do it while you still have time or you'll have to live with the shame of having actively opposed our best chance to make this happen. "Minor improvement" my ass. I-502 will make it legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to ounce of usable bud, 16oz of dry food, and 72 oz of liquid infused products. It is not just "decrim". It actually alters the code so a cop will not have anything to even charge you with. There is no evidence whatsoever that the initiative will increase the price of marijuana. The price is artifically high right now because of prohibition. I-502 does not "trade away the driving rights of many patients". If you get arrested for DUI under current law and test positive for even latent THC in your blood you will be prosecuted. The current policy is zero tolerance, and there is NO EXCEPTION for patients. I-502 will be one of (if not the first) law to actually make a distinction between active THC and carboxy THC that sits in your fat cells. You are being manipulated by those that are profiting off of the current system. Don't believe it. Stop fearmongering, and have the intellectual and moral courage to do the right thing and VOTE YES. Ten thousand people are arrested every year for simple possession. They suffer, their children suffer, their communities suffer. WE PAY to put them in jail, and in some cases to put their kids into foster care. They have a hard time getting jobs, housing, or financial aid when they get out. The current policy is a huge disaster, and you are working to maintain the status quo. Shame on you while you do this. Ten thousand people will be arrested every year in Washington if your fatuous campaign is successful. It won't be forgotten."

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