A good choice. I always thought that people didn't really understand the fed thing and it alienated voters because they didn't want something messing with their money. Keeping people from messing with internet is something everyone can appreciate.
Ron Paul has been vocal about this issue for awhile. When SOPA was gaining ground he was stomping about how bad it was. It's just that no one pays attention to Ron Paul, aside from the End the Fed thing.
I have a hard time with Ron Paul because of his stace on abortions rights and a few other issues. But really, auditing the Fed, ceasing the out of control war spending and internet freedom are things I can get behind. And they're not new issues/topics for Ron Paul.
How's that internet freedom workin' for ya?
Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis, Finds Ron Paul.…
Ron Paul! Freedom! No abortions! Gold dubloons! Fiat blobbidy blah! Make millions on racist homophobic newsletters and then pretend you know nothing about it! Pal around with and take campaign contributions from white supremacists and "former" kkk grand wizards!
Well... shit.

Goddammit, you racist old loon, keep your hands off the few libertarian-ish causes I actually care about.

I mean, it's an important issue and I guess I'm glad somebody's actually talking about it, but come on... Ron Paul? Is that the best we can do?
Next time I see Ron and Rand Paul I am going to yell, "GET IN THE HOLE!"
Except in this case, "Internet Freedom" means an end to net neutrality, and in fact any regulation of the internet whatsoever. As usual, Ron Paul's idea of "Freedom" is freedom for a few large multinational corporations to do whatever they want. As for the thousands of small businesses who rely on a regulated environment in which to do business, they are free to wither and die as the service providers leverage their control of the internet to crush all competition from brands they do not own.

As a bonus, the "free speech" on display here is reliant on the generosity of private companies with a vested interest in privileging their own content over all other content. You have the right to say whatever you want, and your service provider has the right to decide whether or not anybody else gets to hear it.
Well this turn of events makes complete sense. Ron and now Rand are the crazy uncle every family has. That he'd show up at the family picnic on the 4th spouting some new rant, no surprise.
The internet IS collectivism. Ever make a comment chiding somebody for talking down "political correctness" on Facebook? His friends then jump you.
Ron Paul thinks state government should be allowed to tell you who and how you should fuck. When it comes to "freedom", that dude's a phony.
The Paul crowd is loud and organized on reddit, but are nothing but fringe, like Alex Jones or the racist subs. It's probably more correct to say the "internet libertarian crowd". You should be more thoughtful about reddit considering the majority of your "non original" content comes from there, if a few days late.
They just found another way to suck money out of folls.
Name me one group with any sort of leadership structure that doesn't follow that leader.

Leaders lead. Followers follow. It's how the world works.

At least Paul's followers are following someone who cares about the country, honestly believes in his causes, and is half intelligent.

He's far from perfect, but he's a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.
@11: "Alex Jones or the racist subs. It's probably more correct to say the "internet libertarian crowd"."

What's the difference?

@13: "Leaders lead. Followers follow. It's how the world works. "

Except y'all Paultards just parrot things you don't understand.

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