We've received word that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders plan to stage a noon protest outside the International District campaign office of Rob McKenna, the GOP candidate for governor whose policy aide tweeted, "shut up and speak english #asians." Here's the announcement from organizer Francisco Irigon:

Concerned Asian Pacific Islanders Americans to McKenna: Who are you really as a person running for governor? And can you be trusted?

We are protesting today at your campaign headquarters in Seattle Chinatown/International District, 601 South King Street, because the racially charged tweet by one of your campaign staff makes one wonder: Do you share the same right wing political agenda that are being implemented by extremist conservative Republican governors in their states? Or are you really a moderate Republican that you portray yourself to be in public? A mere apology from you will not sweep these questions under the rug, nor will it make that offensive tweet go away in the minds of many of us that that tweet was directed at.

They are calling on McKenna to terminate Kathlyn Ehl from his campaign staff, Irigon writes, but also to embrace lots of progressive politics that McKenna opposes, such as the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality.