You should take bets on whether he'll block Stranger's URL so you can't watch the live stream.
I mean IP address.
You're struggling to find something askance in his position and there really isn't anything there.
The national political debate sometimes allows the concerns of marginalized communities to be heard in carefully controlled ways. Attorney General Rob McKenna rejects this, particularly where it concerns issues that primarily affect women and seeks to distract women from the wide range of issues important to them. Only carefully vetted and screened issues relevant to all Caucasian, wealthy, business owning Washingtonians – such as privatizing public schools, decreasing business regulation and wages in the region, and changing the culture of state government in Olympia shall be discussed. On Friday, July 20, 2012, at noon, McKenna will host a sold-out luncheon with hundreds of the State’s female leaders to have a conversation about Republican priorities. Gathering questions submitted from churches and Tea Party gatherings around the state, this unique event will give McKenna an opportunity to connect with a conservative group of women focused on assisting the men folk achieve their goals.
3 I disagree. Seems to me that republicans in general have clearly adopted a patriarchal worldview when it comes to women's issues. McKenna doesn't want to be seen as regressive on women's issues, etc., thought of course that is what he is. Its a lose lose situation for him - either piss off the republican base or piss off everyone else. So he wants to redefine what 'women's issues' really are by getting a bunch of rich republican women together to pretend that reducing state and federal services that support families, reproductive rights, access to health care, etc aren't really important to women. Instead he wants to convince voters that ultimately women support the republican agenda of impoverishing everyone except the already super rich and letting corporations run amok with no regulations or taxes. After the luncheon he'll parade around claiming that he talked with 'real' women and ya, they don't care about reproductive rights, or the social safety net, or anything that 'liberals' support. It is a choreographed charade. His position on 'women's issues' is pretty much already decided. This luncheon is just a smokescreen.
War on women holds a luncheon. How charming.
What women REALLY like is luncheons! Luncheons with salads!
@3: I'm not reading this as a position issue, since he didn't really say much about his positions, other than he doesn't give a shit and our teeny-tiny minds are much smaller than his so we can't possibly understand the complexity of the issues we're facing. BUT HE CAN. This is an issue of him being patronizing as hellllll.
The fact that he's ignoring 'The Stranger' has got to be annoying...I guess he's trying to solidify his opinion that you guys aren't real news journalists.

To me, though, he's just saying "I'm a big baby and I don't like criticism"
He's said nothing. Politobabble- designed to make an impression on women who would admire Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.
Shorter Rob McKenna:
Ask not what Rob McKenna can do for women - ask what women can do for Rob McKenna.
Issues important to "them" as determined by "him"? How about access to birth control? Making sure that abortion is something decided upon by a woman and her doctor, not gov't? Oh, that's right. Good Republican women don't discuss these things - they just work against their gender and prevent poor women from having access to both of them.

@4 is dead on. Fuck McKenna.
Did McKenna just say he wants women to implement his New Direction?

This comment brought to you by my inner twelve-year-old.
"full of pearls and hot flashes"

sounds like the kind of ageism Kathlyn Ehl was raked over the coals for

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