I was a doubter at first, too. Then some math. King County says Athenian Inn is in the 151-250 seating category. Let's say 200 seats. They're open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Can you turn 200 seats six times over the day? Two seatings per meal seems possible. Each table averages a $45 ticket. Given the tourist nature that seems possible. Do that 360 days a year and gross $19.4 million.
well it is overpriced so that would help, but hey taking advantage of tourists is business right????
@1: "Do that 360 days a year and gross $19.4 million."

I think there's one of your problems. Weekdays in the off-season (which is pretty much 9 months) don't draw anything close to your numbers. Even winter weekends aren't that busy.

The top earner in the Bay Area is some weird place 25 miles north of the GG bridge with a pool that your kids can swim in while you eat dinner that I'd like to say no one had ever heard of, but that's obviously not the case.
@1, there is no chance that they average $45 a ticket. A burger and a cup of soup is $15. Remember, alcohol is not included. They do a steady trade in oysters but not too many people are having the crab legs -- certainly not 1,200 a day.
Why is my tax money going to subsidize this for profit company?
@6, ooh, exactly parallel, good, there's the analytic genius that makes you such a perfect arena champion.
Back to the math for a moment. 180 seats. Average check estimated at $15. Average time to eat, 40 mins, so (conceivably possible 1.5 turns an hour x 14 hours that they're open = 270 meals/hour x 14 hours = 3,780 meals x $15 = over $55,000 a day (not bloody likely), or $20 million/year. But if that were the case there'd be a line out the door for 14 hours, and we know that's not happening. $20 million a year is 100% capacity, not actual revenue.

Your average Starbucks or McDonald's, running between $1 and $2 million a year, does $200 or so an hour for 14 hours, and look at the systems they have in place to deal with that sort of customer count.
@9 Yes - I agree unlikely. Their kitchen would have to prepare a meal every 13 seconds.
I've known the GM for over two decades. I can say first hand that there is NO way that's an accurate assessment. But hey, at least it's free press, right?

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