aren't unmarried gay scoutmasters more likely to molest than married gay scoutmasters? please ask rob mckenna and get back to us, goldy.
Like mama, like son.
Maybe more arrogant than stupid, but stupid nonetheless.
raygun dumb
I'm no Dunn fan, but wouldn't a phone call to him to find out whether he had some family emergency or some other obligation be appropriate for a so-called journalist?

Might avert another Goldy embarrassment.
@6: It may excuse last night, but it doesn't detract from the narrative that Dunn cares way more about appearances than he does actual work. Ferguson just killed him in the debate on KUOW, too.

What you're seeing now with Reagan Dunn is the Peter Principle applied to politics.
Whatever the other failings [many] of my alkali-dust-coated little town and its denizens, no elected official would dare show up for roll call at a public meeting and then walk away.

This clown needs to be mocked into oblivion.

NEW Bob Ferguson Video. Very well done I should say.
In an age of social media I really question public hearings as being a Voice of the People. The seem to be either stuffed with paid supporters of whatever boondoggle is being stuffed down the voters throats or else a ragtag band of semi cogent miscreants mau mauing for free liquor to shut them up. The other beneficiaries are well paid council memebers who count sitting around during these circuses as reason enough to continue their sinecure.
Goldy post the video from michael bell's comment on a new post!

I'm voting for Stephen Pidgeon for Attorney General!
Ah, now I am reminded why I don't pick up the Stranger any more. Dunn, a Republican, has the backbone to say Gays should be able to marry and women should be free to choose to have abortions. He also disagreed with the entire Nazi-Nanny council when they decided to ban smoking in the parks. I personally don't smoke, but I am fed up with the babies in King county whining about everything from garbage bags to microscopic smoke particles that would be undetectable to a St. Bernard.

We need more conservatives like him. Consider me a fag who is going to vote for Reagan Dunn. Thank you.

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