Sure, we're used to hearing that Republican state lawmakers have allegedly pulled a gun on their own kind, like Pam Roach's alleged altercation with a staffer, but now they're pulling guns on strangers:

A Spokane Valley legislator pulled a gun during a confrontation with another motorist last November in what police reports describe as a road rage incident. He was cited for two violations of state firearms law.

Republican Matt Shea, a state representative seeking a third term this fall, had a handgun in his pickup truck and had let his concealed weapons permit expire, a violation of state law, when he was contacted by Spokane police investigating reports of erratic driving and one driver threatening another with a handgun. [...]

Leroy Norris, the driver of the Lumina, called police to report he had been driving on Monroe when a pickup truck cut him off and he had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision. He honked his horn, made some “aggressive lane changes” with the pickup, and the driver of that vehicle “flipped him off.” The driver of the pickup pulled a handgun from the passenger side of the car and pointed it at him, he said. He “freaked out” and drove away “crazy” because he thought his life was in danger, he added.

Why did Shea reach for his pistol?

He told officers he “thought he was being targeted due to his work,” The Spokesman Review reports. His work in the legislature includes furthering his anti-gay, anti-health-care, social-safety-net-slashing agenda. And by his own words, when he feels like he's being targeted he pulls out a gun. Yikes.