If Reagan Dunn is trying to fend of the attack that he's missed more votes than any other member of the King County Council, he's got a funny way of doing it. Dunn showed up for roll call at last week's joint council arena hearing only to skip out shortly thereafter, pretty much demonstrating Bob Ferguson's assertion that Dunn is in the habit of showing up for roll call and then skipping out shortly thereafter. And then yesterday, Dunn missed a crucial vote in the five-member Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee, leaving juvenile gang court legislation he co-sponsored stranded in committee by a 2-2 vote.

“Dunn’s absence prevented this critical public safety legislation from moving to the council for approval," Ferguson's attorney general campaign said through a press release. "He can’t be trusted to fight for Washington as our state’s top attorney if he won’t even show up to vote for legislation that he sponsors."

In defending his voting record (or lack thereof) Dunn says that the real work happens in committee, where proposals are deliberated and fine tuned before being presented to the full council. "I am always there for the votes that matter," Dunn told the Seattle Times.

This time, not so much.