Wow...he really is that godamn stupid.
This is funny since one of the few arguments I read was that Dunn will be more effective at solving gang issues.

I guess this is the proof he cares so much!

I'm willing to bet he was meeting up with a campaign donor. Which is probably more important to him.
Far too often you will find people who are constantly running late, leaving early, complaining about being so busy yet accomplishing nothing are actually dealing with a substance abuse problem. Or having an affair. They can never seem to provide an honest account of where all their time goes.
Wow. What a dumbass.
and the voting public only noticed his 1st name and "prefers republican party".
Gawd this horrid, incompetent a$$hole really is gonna get elected, isn't he?
He certainly won't be getting MY vote. Ferguson has demonstrated qualities that exemplify what we need in our government. To me, Dunn represents some of the worst qualities that we absolutely DON'T need. Dunn is aspiring to be a career politician. He cares more for the progression of his career than about doing what he has ALREADY been elected to do. I'm voting for Ferguson.

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