Both sides of the pit-bull debate seem to think that there's a massive silent majority on their side.

That's certainly the opinion of activist Ellen Taft, who, as I reported yesterday, launched a petition to ban pit bulls and other fighting breed in the city limits after a pit bull attacked a three year old in South Seattle last week. Taft says most people who agree with her are too scared to engage in a debate, but they would be willing to sign her petition and blast City Hall with emails. She says the city should pass a bill to: (1) spay and neuter fighting breed dogs already here, (2) prohibit bringing new fighting-breed dogs into the city, and (3) in the interim, require "safety precautions such as muzzles" for those dogs in public.

Let's see if Taft is correct. Take a sec to vote in this legally binding, totally anonymous lockjaw of a Slog poll: