Would this story be equally awful, more awful or less awful if Carver were a white guy shot at random by a black kid while driving his family around town in the middle of the afternoon, and if the other black kids who saw the hood shoot him covered up for the hood?
@1: Are they selling racist Mad Libs now?

You know, it could also be that what the police said was simply the truth.

There was a time when the racists at least tried to be less brazen with their racism.

#1.. READ the story and think about what has been reported you idiot
@3: Sure, the police could be telling the truth. Because if a criminal is smart enough to conceal a handgun from a police search, and dextrous enough to maneuver his handcuffed arms to a head-level position (go ahead and try doing this yourself. I'll wait.), then clearly the only thing that'll be on this resourceful young man's mind is that he has no option but to off himself. /sarcasm
@3: Why don't you just do a little experiment: pretend you're handcuffed behind the back and try to imagine what it would take to shoot yourself in the temple. Now, also realize that the only place you'd be able to reach to pull a gun out of would be the back of your trousers, which would be a pretty mean feat to still have a gun there after not one, but two body searches.

Sometimes the story being told is true, but in this case it strains the bounds of possibility.
Loving Mr. Insane, Idiot Troll's assumption that everyone on Slog was jumping up and down with joy when Justin Ferrari was shot. There's truly no depths to which that scumbucket won't stoop.
I read it. Sorry. I still think that the shooting of Justin Ferrari is much, much more awful.
And then while in the throes of death he, umm, swallowed the gun and it was dissolved in his digestive tract, leaving no trace.

I assume, anyway.
I just find it typical that when the shooter is black, it's never mentioned. But if the guy shot is black, it's a race thing.

Now fuck right back off please.
I think judgement on this one will have to wait until we see more evidence, which will without a doubt come in due time. Did they find a gun on him? Was it freshly fired? Does the bullet match the gun? Powder burns? There also was the driver of the pickup - did they see anything? Previous incidents involving these officers? Can we just wait a few days?
No! It's imperative that we rush to judgment immediately and without facts. It would be racist not to. Have you learned nothing from the Zimmerman case?
@ 12, given that you apparently have rushed to believe the police (as evidenced by your comment @ 8 - Ferrari's death can only be "much, much worse" if you believe them), that's rich.

I'm with @ 11 - let's see what comes of the investigation first. But NEVER give rural, small town, or small city police the benefit of the doubt (unless you're a fool, then please be my guest).
The only way I could possibly see this actually happening would be if the guy in the back of the car had a fairly small automatic in his belt. A pat down could miss that I suppose, and then he might have accidentally shot himself while trying to pull it out and stash it in the seat. But that doesn't jive with being shot in the temple and doesn't seem to be what the police are claiming here.
No matter how much benefit of the doubt you want to give the cops on this one, it's still fishy.
I will wait for the investigation, but if the cops did kill this kid...good lord.

But seriously, holy shit @8...murder is terrible and death is horrible, but to say one man's life being taken is worse than another man's...

Why? Circumstances of the death? That this man died in the loving arms of his father, while this kid died alone and afraid? A good man got caught in the crossfire in a horrible accident, whereas this smacks of an authority meant to protect and serve might have killed someone in cold blood?

How the fuck else are people supposed to take that other than you're a fucking racist?

Saying one murder is worse than another is putting unequal values on human life. It makes you a douche.
@2 wins.
My spidey sense predicts that this kid will soon be compared to Trayvon Martin.
How is it a rush to judgment to say that there is something suspicious about the police version of events? Even if we grant that trained officers could miss a gun (not a knife, not a razor blade, but a gun) after two full searches, it does not make sense that a person could shoot himself in the temple with his hands cuffed behind him. I tried to work out the logistics using my own cuffs and could not get there. And that doesn't even take into account the fact that he was shot in the right side of the head even though he was left-handed. That anyone can read the police version of events and not think anything is at least a bit odd speaks to a level of willful blindness that is simply staggering.
1, 8, 10, 12...

What an asshole.

Fuck you, bigot.
What you said, 18. It's not about "rushing to judgement" it's about demanding that a suspicious incident be investigated. Who knows, a credible investigation may corroborate the police account... or it may lead to murder charges against them. We don't know what happened yet, but there is more than enough probable cause here to mount that investigation, and to demand that it be carried out by someone impartial (i.e., NOT the department that the suspicious cops work for).
Of course some lives are worth more than others. Anyone who says otherwise is moronic or lying. Race, however has nothing to do with the value of a life. Other things (including ones probability of landing in the back seat of a police cruiser) do though.
Obama, for example, places less value on the lives of the wives and children of his drone targets than the lives of people who have the good fortune not to be related to one of his drone targets. Which I assume you find reasonable.
@22- You make a lot of stupid assumptions.
It's No way that this man shot himself in the head ...Unbelievable ,how they are killing black men and getting away with it ....The Nazis and KKK have taken over the police forces and people need to recognize what is happening ...

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