The Seattle Reddit page has been in a tizzy the last couple of days about the Olympics coming to town. The header states it as fact: "Seattle and Vancouver BC are in a joint bid to co-host the 2028 Summer Olympics." Taking it all very seriously, one person points out that "we have bad enough traffic in Seattle as it is" while another rejoices, "I think it would be exciting to have such an event here!" Why the serious debate? The thread cites the Summer Olympics 2028 Wikipedia entry, which has a sub-section describing this as a serious possibility:

A joint bid by Vancouver and Seattle to host the 2028 Summer Olympics is being explored. It would be the first time that a city will have hosted both a Summer and a Winter Games as Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics....

As evidence, the Wikipedia page cites a 2006 Vancouver Sun article describing a cooperative exploration by Vancouver and Seattle around bringing a "global mega-event" to the region, including the 2028 Olympics as one possibility. The Reddit thread author then interpreted this exploration as "a joint bid" for the Olympics, and everyone went crazy. The thread has more than 200 comments so far, with equal parts excitement and dismay.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?)—it looks like bullshit.

Aaron Pickus, a spokesman for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, says, "We haven't heard anything." He even, graciously, checked to confirm with the city's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs on rumors of a 2018 World Cup and a 2020 World's Fair. Those aren't true either. So... no Olympics coming in 2028.

Sorry, Reddit rumor mill.