The people for whom this issue would seem to benefit the most, people like myself who have a child with special needs did not ask for nor want this training. When the SEIU approached the legislature to push this money grab through (not once but twice) the legislature saw through the BS and told them to go to hell. Realizing the windfall that this could mean to their union coffers they paid for it to get put on a ballot, after all who would vote against more training for caregivers? I guess if you've got the cash and the power to throw around it really doesn't matter what the people who need it the most want.

Thanks for butting in though
And what about the special needs children, people with disabilities, and frail, vulnerable elders who don't have you as their Mom? They deserve to have workers who are trained to care for them in a way that improves their quality of life. Get over the union stuff and take a broader view of why this legislation was needed.
What about the many special needs children, people with disabilities, and frail, vulnerable elders who don't have you as their Mom? They deserve care from workers who are well trained. Get over your union bias and think more broadly and compassionately.
And if the notoriously anti-union Obama Labor Department recognizes it as "trailblazing", then ... um ... wait a minute.
Right now, I've been chuckling over the Times' blundering headline of "Summer is Over". Gonna be in the 90s this weekend. Way to go Times. Can't even get the weather right.
The problem with the legislation was that SEIU, which wrote it and pushed it, are the ones to gain from it because they will be paid to do the training. Parents did not want it. And in fact, money to carry this out was grabbed from funding for group homes which take care of the most vulnerable people in the state, including my daughter.
Dachise I would agree with you on this if caregivers were not already being trained. There was good training already in place before this was brought before the voters. This is why the people who would seem to benefit the most, people like our family, didn't want this to pass. This initiative took money and care hours away from those who need it most and redirected it to the SEIU who was the organization who created and funded this initiative. All done under the guise of helping workers receive training which they were already getting. THAT'S why the legislature turned them down...they saw it for the crock that it was.
Oh, and no anti-union bias here. I've been a union member almost all of my working life as were my parents. This might be the first pro union legislation I've ever voted against!
Luckily for the many accident victims, elderly, and other people who depend on these services to be performed by someone competent, you voted with the smallest minority in the history of Washington initiatives. You can certainly be proud of that.
You sound like you really know what you're talking about Aiodacklah...well done.
Parents who care for their adult children with disabilities are not forced to take the new training. I have never met a caregiver who regretted taking the classes that improve the lives of the people they care for. Over the years I have been in the homes of many of the clients and know that people who truly care are ready to learn.

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