Okay, now you're just fucking with us.


I'll start worrying when the 6" high twin Japanese women inside the jeweled box tell me to.
Woah a Fukushima Godzilla joke. Never heard one of those before!
Human population rises or falls in direct proportion to the quantity of food the Earth can produce at any one time. Modern farming techniques rely on energy-intensive machinery, which is why we are able to sustain food production at a level that supports human population on a scale much larger than was possible prior to the industrial revolution. It's also why the world's population has been growing exponentially since the late 1800's.

Our main energy sources for powering these farming techniques are 1) oil 2) natural gas and 3) coal. #1 is running out. The rise in price is driven by demand outstripping supply. The only reason why we've turned to shale oil, the tar sands, and continental shelf drilling is because we're running out of everything else. Once those are gone, #1 will no longer be a viable strategy. #2 is not as abundant as we need it to be, and #3 is famously bad for the environment-popping out more CO2 than anything else we use.

So, once the energy sources become too difficult to obtain or extract, the food supply will decrease as well. This will decrease the human population in proportion to the food we are able to produce. However, that reduction in the number of human lives won't be pretty.

Nuclear power was supposed to be the answer. No CO2 emissions, produces massive amounts of energy that can be used to power just about everything. But every few years, we get a reminder that nuclear energy isn't the solution we're looking for; Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and now Fukishima.

Governments the world over have wisely turned away from Nuclear energy in the wake of the Japanese disaster. Rather than developing new energy sources, they have unwisely gone back to the three energy sources described above, each of which is a dead end.

Therefore, it is not Mothra that worries me so much as it is the prospect of civil unrest. A system that cannot produce enough food to sustain human population will lend itself to humans desperate for their own survival acting out their frustrations. Avoiding this at the cost of environmental deterioration will likewise lead to civil unrest once public health disasters such as silicosis and catastrophic weather events driven by excess carbon emissions become more prominent.

It would be interesting to see a gifted author draft a dystopian novel based upon such a premise.
Ha! Funny joke, Goldy! Nothing like poking fun at those dealing with nuclear fallout.
@5 and godzilla reference haters -- The Japanese have been dealing with nuclear fallout since the mid-40s. It's that paranoia that created all the Godzilla etc. movies to begin with.

While making movie monster references isn't exactly creative in this regard, it's certainly appropriate.
No, really, @ 6, it isn't. It's just as callous and disaffected as her 'Disaster Porn!' headline linked to the youtube clip of the reactor explosion (search the March 12 archive). But hey, I guess the death of 19k+ and their society's struggle to cope in the aftermath is fair game because GOD FORBID the "godzilla reference haters" are just too darned uptight! Cue the over-reactive Slog hate-machine to release it's full fury on me & hermann in 3...2...1... I'll be doing something/anything else in the meantime.
fuck you goldy.

we (the people of japan) are dealing with it.

you are not.

fuck you and your jokes and your zucchini!
How did this not win best picture? Forget Akira Kurosawa. This is cinema art right here.

@4 I hope I don't live to see that day.

Everyone else, what's with all the sudden, phony sensitivity?
"Mothra alert"! Hilarious! Stranger humor at its best!

Let's pretend that Godzilla killed the first 20,000, and then Mothra is giving hundreds more cancer! Fun fun!

Now all we need is a racist comment about Orientals/Asians that flaunts witty Stranger readers’ absolute ignorance of global history and culture. No slog post is complete without one!

6’s message is close though. The Japanese dealing with nuclear fallout since the 1940s with paranoia (?) and Godzilla . . . nothing to do with the war or the bomb, right? Is that what you meant by “appropriate”?

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