At first, you think you've read this Guardian story before: A factory is being shut down, American jobs are being outsourced. But this story is even worse:

But for Bonnie Borman – and 170 other men and women in Freeport, Illinois – there is a brutal twist to the torture. Borman, 52, and the other workers of a soon-to-be-shuttered car parts plant are personally training the Chinese workers who will replace them.

It's a surreal experience, they say. For months they have watched their plant being dismantled and shipped to China, piece by piece, as they show teams of Chinese workers how to do the jobs they have dedicated their lives to.

"It's not easy to get up in the morning, training them to do your job so that you can be made unemployed," said Borman, pictured, a mother of three who has worked for 23 years at the Sensata auto sensors plant.

The company responsible for this brazen vulture capitalism? Why, Bain Capital, of course, which owns a majority of Sensata. And before you say that Romney can't be responsible for the actions of a company he resigned from years ago, you should know this: "Romney still owns millions of dollars of shares in the Bain funds that own Sensata."

Even as you read this, Mitt Romney is directly profiting in the shipping of a profitable American plant to China. How's that for job creation? Go read the whole, wrenching story.

(Via BoingBoing.)