Lost Baby Goat: There's a "cream colored," three-month old baby goat on the loose according to a sign posted in Wallingford last week. Wallyhood shares a pic of the sign, and muses that this "explains why the lawns in lower Wallingford have been extra tidy lately."

Action Movie-Style Car Flip in the CD: A witness described an epic car crash to Central District News last week: After a car tearing up 30th Avenue near Cherry Street "rear-ended a parked car," the first car "raised into the air and almost flipped completely over the top before falling on its side." Amazingly, no one was injured. No word on how the parked car fared.

Small Dog on the West Seattle Bridge: A dog "the size of a chihuahua" that leapt out of a car window on the West Seattle bridge made it home safely after one brave woman jumped the middle barrier and stopped traffic. West Seattle Blog reports on the story, and the hero herself describes how she did it in the comments.

And last but not least, My Ballard shares a sweet time-lapse video from WSDOT of the first pontoon for the new 520 bridge traversing the Ballard locks: