When you are being the dom, stop letting him top from the bottom, and just order him to fuck you hard.
What a great headline! As for the letter, I'm starting to wonder if the fad for adding a string of extra t's to the word "hot" hasn't given me an erotic curiosity toward stutterers.
If this letter isn't a case study in "written by some dude in his moms basement" I don't know what else is.
go fuck off, fuckfaces. where are all these kinky folks in my life?
@3 That is exactly what I was thinking.
DTMFA! Because you'll always wish you were getting fucked and he'll never fuck you. So DTMFA!
Yeah, agree with @3 and @5.
You know what's hotttttttttttt? Communication.
@6 It's also rape!
@9 I think you're wrong, they have safe words...
my take on why you're not getting drilled is the 5 hour thing, he's trying to keep you going and last a little longer himself. A few more cocks in the room and you could get fucked deep and hard pretty much non stop for 5 hours. You should give it a try, I'm sure you could get a few volunteers for the experiment.
I'm sitting here imagining all the women reading this who have never experienced an orgasm in their life, wondering WTF the writer is complaining about.

That said, @1 has it right. If you're going to top, Top, dammit. If he is still manipulating you, you're doing it wrong.
I feel like there has been a suspiciously high number of letters recently from Women Who Aren't Getting Enough Sex From Their Men. This is in direct conflict with my empirical observation that very few women suffer from Men Who Won't Fuck Them Enoughitis. Or even Men Who Won't Fuck Them Rightitis. Ask a man to fuck you, and he will, almost without fail, fuck. Tell a man how to fuck you, and he will, almost without fail, jump at the chance to follow instructions. While I'm not calling fake on any individual letter, let's just say I have my doubts in aggregate. Either we've hit a statistical anomaly (the sexual version of a cancer cluster) or there's a whole lot of one-handed typing going on in letters to this column lately.
Even gagged (!!), this guy is able to give great oral and "somehow" mentally overpower her. Huh. All I can do when gagged is drool.
I am choosing to imagine this terrifically annoying person actually speaking they way she writes, which entails interspersing conversation with ejaculations of the word "hot" in which she holds the final aspirated "t" for several seconds, hissing and spraying a mist of saliva over whoever she's talking to.
Why so many clueless 28-going-on-18-year-olds lately? Are these just hipsters who are more emo than the emos?

Readers wanted more freaks, but not clueless freaks.
@8 said:
> You know what's hotttttttttttt? Communication.

Agreed, but to get this through to the writer's head, you'll have to say:

Communicationnnnnnnn! Hottttttestttttttt!

@3: Eh, the guy could just not want to get off so early. I prefer oral to start out with first because I'd rather it be stretched out as long as possible.

@9: The people involved can get people to have sex with them without resorting to rape, unlike yourself. Keep your loser-projection to yourself.
@3 - TOTEZ!! This letter is ridiculous.
Sometimes being with a multi-orgasmic woman does weird shit to guys. In my experience, one was jealous of it, a few found me to be insatiable (but I wasn't, I just like feeling good and am greedy, that's all, still had a blast!) I also think that your argument is based solely on harmful stereotypes about guys having no control over their cocks to the point that they have no standards re: when, with whom and how much they wanna fuck. People be different, yo.
@12 what rubbish. My own set of anecdata suggests rather the opposite. Often women don't talk about it openly - a man can joke about not getting enough from his missus but the other way round is seen as humiliating for both partners. Man isn't manly enough, woman isn't sexy enough to get man to fuck her. Innit.
@23 I concur!

@12, try to tell a man exactly how to fuck you and see how you fare. Their egos are too fragile to take direction, more often than not. And men can be total withholders and deniers of sex, in my sad experience. If you're a man who fucks on command, When and How, well how lucky for the women in your life.

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