Collecting what her campaign considers a trifecta of essential progressive support, Noel Frame announced this morning that she received sole endorsements from three "backbone" organizations that will help her win an open seat for state representative in the 36th District (Ballard, Magnolia, Queen Anne).

Frame is facing off against Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton, who has used her strong ties to business lobbies to raise money for the fall election but has alienated some labor groups in her tenure.

These are the "three leading progressive organizations" giving Frame their support: Fuse Washington, which issues a progressive voters guide and uses a large online network for political advocacy; Washington Bus, a political engagement nonprofit that focuses heavily on get-out-the-vote efforts (where Frame is also a board member); and Frame's own group, Progressive Majority, which recruits liberal candidate for office.

Their value isn't necessarily in name recognition—unlike some advocacy groups, such as the Republican-leaning Seattle Times, which endorsed Tarleton—but in the groups' election-time outreach. Washington Bus director Toby Crittenden explains, "We'll actually do work on the ground. That can look different from candidate to candidate, but usually involves doorbelling as the centerpiece."

Tarleton won the primary this month with more 28 percent of the vote, while Frame took nearly 24 percent. The remain votes were largely divided among other Democrats.