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please comment on the factual accuracy of Perkin's assertion:

“While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two... "

The Youth pastor Watch you post is a huge example:

Over 40% of the featured offenders are men molesting underaged boys.
Good for Chad!
Hey, what's the status of the Great Debate? (Dan & whatshisface from Focus on the Family.) I thought it was supposed to be sometime this summer, but now Dan's writing a book and I've not heard mention of it for a while now.
It's a real tragedy that none of the "Family..." organizations in the US actually does anything that helps families. Instead of working on poverty issues of hunger relief, these good Christian and Mormon bitches spend unlimited millions promoting hatred of gay people, yet no one in mainstream culture finds this bizarre.
So Danny, are you embracing labeling FRC a "HATE! Group™"?

and owning the resulting mayhem when homosexual activists like Corkins respond to the inflammatory rhetoric with predictable violence?
'unlimited' may not mean what you imagine it does
@1: Correlation does not imply causation, as you should recall from your high school science class.

wait!....let us find a pen to write that down......
@1 Andrew Sullivan has some interesting views on the arrested sexual and emotional development thrust upon young gay Catholics for years and how that may have led to the disproportionate amount of boy molestation in the church:… If your facts are true, maybe there was similar self-denial and self-hatred in other denominations.

it's always somebody else's fault, isn't it.....
actually it is a proven FACT! that Reagan forced homosexual men to molest little boys.
Thanks Max. I was really looking forward to that. Don't know how it slipped under my radar.
(Mac, not Max.)
@1/9, Pedophiles assault kids they have access to. More men have access to boys than to girls, because our society gets nervous about adult men associating with young girls.
@11 Religion only survives due to perpetual influence from "someone else", i.e. parents.
@7, since you're breaking news and all, not to be a bother but maybe you'd provide a transcript please? If you're not busy.
@17 - For an hour-plus video? I'm busy. Also illiterate. And I died. Somebody else do it.
@13 - It literally just got posted today. Your inquiry was just well timed.
watching at the moment... tears in my eyes...

(around 17:35 he admits he's 47 years old... stop the presses!)
@18, I skipped to the last couple minutes to see if there was shouting or compromise or whatnot, but it sounded like the NOMster was repeating the same stuff still, so...
@21 - Yeah, it sounds like an awful lot of very civil not-listening-to-a-damn-word-anybody-is-saying.
@7 I, as well, thank you. I guess I missed it too.

Though I am finding it hard to get past the part where Brown defends the Bible's stance in slavery.

And the whole "poor us, Christians. We're so picked on." Is fucking laughable.
Wait, you guys didn't catch the part at the 47th minute when Dan charges across the table, grabs him by the hair and slams his face off the porcelain Jesus on the mantle? Other than that, you're correct -- very civil & polite.
@24 I'm not a violent person and I know that situation would have been terribly detrimental to the debate. But I have to admit, part of me wanted something similar to happen.

If only it were possible to slap the stupid out of someone.
I really don't get this debate. Do you think gay people sit around and try to figure out ways to debase, oppress, and humiliate straight people? I get so frustrated about this stuff.
@26 - Oh god, that reminds me. I have a Straight People Humiliation Committee meeting tonight. I'm going to propose making fun of their clothes. If they dress poorly, we make fun of their lack of fashion sense. If they dress well, we call them gay. It's foolproof.
Well done in your debate, Dan.
I've never understood this whole "we don't hate gays, we just want to limit and/or take away their civil rights" viewpoint.

On one hand, I think it's a sign of progress that it is no longer socially acceptable in this country to flat-out state, "I hate gay people". On the other, it's awfully disingenuous to be all "love the sinner, hate the sin" while you're actively working to withhold the civil rights of the "sinner". Really? You think no one's going to notice that the primarily group of people you target on the basis of your so-called Christian beliefs are gay people? I've yet to hear of a "family values" group working to deny marriage rights to convicted felons, prevent adulterers from adopting children, etc., etc.

I guess it's probably dumb of me to expect consistent internal logic from bigots.
Mark Oppenheimer @ 1:02:
"And then we'll stay and we'll just [bam, bam, fist to palm] ... pummel each other..."

Man, the pummeling happened off camera. Damn it!
Keep in mind that the Anti-gay Industrial Complex is whathisnuts's job. He's not gonna give it up and make himself unemployed, and lacking empathy or basic human fucking decency, he has no reason to change. That applies to all the other professional ratfuckers too, especially those loathsome morons in KKKongress.
@1: Dan already handled that one via Rob Tisinai.…
“While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two... It is a homosexual problem.”
Seems the poor guy has you confused with the RCC.

Must be those fabulous shoes.

Oh junior,
you must have been asleep in class when we blew this piece of crap out of the water.

It isn't a "study",
it is a just really sloppy survey
with an incredibly small sample size
and incredibly poor design.
(It is also really old,
it's "findings" have never been reproduced.....)

It says nothing about how likely homosexuals are to molest children.
It addresses,
in a very half-assed way,
whether men who molest boys are likely to be out and proud about it.

In fact,
why don't you take the "study" this is based on
to one of your professors
and have them critique the design and validity of Robby and Danny's "study"

and report back........



anybody home?
The troll excels at nothing but projection and bad sentence structure.
@34: You're presenting the Youth Pastor Watch as evidence, and you're calling Rob Tisinai's referenced data unreliable. Hypocritical much?
Of course, you're talking out your ass here. Tisinai cites 5 studies, 4 of which can be accessed (for free as abstracts or full documents for paying subscribers) online. I'll include those links at the end of this post.
Of those 4 studies, 3 deal explicitly with the issue of sexual orientation and any potential connections to child abuse. One had a sample size of 352 potential abuse victims, of which 269 were allegedly abused by identified adults. One studied 175 adult males convicted of sexual assault against children. The remaining study did not disclose its sample size in the abstract.
All three found no link between homosexuality and child sexual abuse. If you have specific complaints about the methodology of any of the studies, or if you have any studies indicating a correlation between homosexuality and child abuse, please bring them forward. So far, though, you don't actually have any evidence supporting you.

now Pudge, don't be catty......

junior, you must have watched another video.

Robby talks only about a 1994 survey by Carole Jenny.

That looked the records of 50 abused boys.

yes, FIFTY!

37 were abused by a man in a hetero relationship.
Robby asserts that these men could not have been gay.
Come on Sloggers, how many gay men who were in hetero relationships have we seen?
a zillion?
Danny needs to explain to Robby that just shacking up with a woman does not make the gay go away....

3 were abused by a male family friend, "with no history of sex with men"....
and we know this how?
none of these people were even interviewed.
the data was gathered from a survey of hospital charts, after the fact.
Robby expected the abusers to cop to every relationship they had ever had?

One was abused by an Uncle,
its OK,
because he had,
-you guessed it-
"no history of sex with men"....

One was abused by a 'possibly, but not 'definitely', gay man.
(It seems his subscription to Broadway Across America had expired so Robby wasn't quite sure.....)

Robby doesn't even seem to have read Carole's survey.

It's stated objective is: "To determine if RECOGNIZABLY homosexual adults are frequently accused of the sexual molestation of children.

"Data collected. Charts were reviewed to determine the relationships of the children to the alleged offender, the sex of the offender, and whether or not the alleged offender was REPORTED to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual....."

You know Junior,
even Danny has learned not to post this laughable shit pie of clumsy ham-fisted propaganda anymore.


Are you saying that Danny's favorite Wank-Off inspiration is unreliable?

That Danny's assertion that Youth "Pastors" are a threat to children is just a flubbery fart?

That YPW is just the biased unrepresentative rantings of a bitter old queer bigot?

Is THAT what you're saying?.....
Danny, while you're avoiding questions please avoid this one as well.....

Do you teach your son that Polygamists deserve basic human rights, like being able to marry those they love?

Or do you teach him that they do not deserve that human right.
Mr Original - Depends on the organization. On the other side, Love Makes a Family was able to claim victory and disband. But I suspect haters have more permanent employment available to them. It reminds me of Thomas Mann and a story I rarely get to bring up, *Mario and the Magician*, and its rumination on the clash between freedom and negative will.

It sounds as if the debate was not the win we needed, but I'm sure it was a most sincere effort.
According to the Christian concept of agape/caritas, the "love" from "Love thy neighbor" means more like "to desire what is best for." Even if we hate someone emotionally in English, if we still want them to do well and act rightly by them, then we love them in the New Testament sense.

So yes, the FRC hates gays. They desire evil things for gays and act wrongly by them.
Did Dan Savage really just say he hates Satanists? I'm not a Satanist but I would hope he would be a little bit more religiously tolerant than a gay hating group.
@15- I don't think that's really verifyable, and peodophiles definaty have a preference for one sex over another, it's just that there aren't straight or gay peodos, only peodos.
@39: If you watch the video through to the end, he gives some citations. Follow them, why don't you? I even posted links.

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