Use this site on your lunch break, and make sure to pass it along. Politify is a website that allows you to enter personal information—your income, your ZIP code, your state—and see which presidential candidate's financial plans will work out better for you by 2015. Turns out, rural areas in red states would benefit the most from President Obama's plans, and super-wealthy urban areas (like Mercer Island) would benefit the most from Mitt Romney's plans. None of this is probably new information to you, but the research that went into this site provides the most accurate, granular information you've ever seen. Here's a map of the whole country, with only the wealthiest urban enclaves burning Romney red:


If you'd like to learn more about the thinking and the process behind Politify, I urge you to read Ari Melber's story at The Nation, which explains the site in easy-to-understand language.