It says I'd save about $2300 by picking Romney over Obama. That's dishonest, though - Romney's plan is mathematically impossible.
With Barack: + $135.00

With Mitt: - $509.00

Hhhmmmm... Who to choose, who to choose....
I'm $1000 richer with a President Romney in 2015. And probably homeless in 2035.

Under the old plan plan revenues were going down, down, down -- but under the new plan...
Very misleading graphic, as always with these sorts of things, because it ignores density -- those vast blue spaces have hardly any people in them, while a number of the red spaces have fairly high density. There are a number of reddish areas in Seattle, for instance. In general, the big beneficiary of the Romney tax plan would be wealthier suburbs. Most Americans live in suburbs.

All of this is moot, however, as @1 points out, because Romney's plan is competely unworkable and unsustainable.
Wow, serious responses...I tried but I didn't understand any of always sounds like their discussing the topics in Chinese to me anyways.
I'm sort of intrigued by the sizeable red patches out in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Big, wealthy ranches, I guess? Anyway, Fnarf, some of the red areas have high density, but obviously some of the larger ones don't, and a lot of high density areas are quite blue.
Um, are we looking at the same map? When I look it shows Mercer Island (98040) as breaking narrowly for Obama (58% to 42% Romney.) Medina, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah and most of East King County do break for Romney.
It would be interesting to see why some areas in Seattle, like 9810,3 stand out as red, surrounded by blue.
Sea of green, to be precise.
Obama: +$10,000
Romney: +$60,000

Sorry, but $50,000 isn't enough to compel me to vote for a douchebag like Romney.
Looks like I'm -$185 for Obama and -$2,110 for Romney. Damn. Screwed either way I guess.
The site is down for me. Overloaded perhaps?
Obama: $2,043

Romney: $2,303

Huzzah for me! So the question is, if Mitt Romney walked up to me and said, "I will hand you $260 to vote for me."

Would I do it? Not that it matters and all, Utah's going to Romney anyway.
Holy shit:

Obama: +$8,002
Romney: +$6,526

I'm voting for BOTH of them.
I wonder what a map of Yemen would look like?
Greenlake, Greenwood, Phinney and Fremont are all Romney red. Huh.
Obama: +$5,500
Romney: +$9,000

Answer is obvious. $3,500 won't cover all of the lost services and infrastructure.

Obama +3600
Romney +4800

Well, Stranger, I'm sold. I can always appreciate a well-argued point.
Mine was only about $100 apart, in favor of Obama...but I guess when you are unmarried, with no dependents, low capital gains, and avail yourself of no government services, it should be expected.

there isn't a personal advantage sizeable enough for me to vote for the total destruction of democracy. sorry mittens.

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