In answer to the headline: From the sounds of this invitation Owen recently sent to a who's who of lobbyists for business, labor, and other special interests, apparently nothing:

Subject: Please join the Lt.Governor for a gourmet dinner

Dear Freind,

The Lt.Governor is hosting a very exclusive dinner party at his home and thought some of your clients might be interested. There will be a limit of fifteen guests, first to confirm are in so it will be a great opportunity to schmooze some clients at his home with quality cigars, fine wine, Leonetti's with dinner, premium steaks and premier chocolates. The Lt.Governor is looking for interested parties. It will be September 8th starting at 5 PM. The suggested donation is $750.00 but feel free to send more. Any suggestions on who enjoys a good cigar or who would be interested? Please contact me at 425-591-xxxx or email me at Thank you for your years of support.

Mike Hewett
Finance Director

Hey, Brad... thanks for helping to dispel Olympia's tawdry image as a place where political money buys political access. Also: I before E, except after C.