I can't wait to see Romney at the debates - "I would like to fill my allotted time telling about my last family trip to the beach."
I don't know about anyone else, but do the people running for office ever answer the questions they were asked anyway?
And that is exactly what he will be doing.
He will refuse to acknowledge any question that cannot be answered with "Obama is doing a bad job on the economy".
Instead, he will just ramble on about unrelated talking points and family anecdotes.
@2 Most people running for office are at least prepared with talking points on the topic, if they don't answer the question directly. It is baffling that the Romney campaign can't even muster the effort to have a boiler plate response to those topics, especially abortion. All of the good Republican consultants must be sitting this one out.
Republicans are the ones making abortion such a huge issue, they better want to talk about it. And we're also not going to stop asking about those tax returns.
Can you blame him? He can't really say anything on the matter without either supporting Akin, which would be a hell of a dumb move, or openly contradicting the Republican platform, which - The More You Know - supports Akin's stance on the issue, if perhaps not his expertise in reproductive biology, entirely.

It's a sign, sure, but what else can he do unless he's ready to just throw in the towel? There's nothing for him to gain by saying anything at all.
Do they not realize that when they say they won't talk about a topic, the reporter can say they were not allowed to ask about the topic, thereby making the topic and their stipulation to not talk about the topic a focal point, wherein they have completely forfeited their ability to influence how that topic is discussed? Amateurs.
Yeah, I was gonna suggest the reporter attempt to exploit a loophole and ask why the stipulation about those topics (which isn't actually asking about those topics explicitly, right!?) But it's just exactly what @'s 6 & 7 said. They'd be attempting to defend an untenable position. Just sad.
@3, I predict some righteous indignation about "gotcha" questions from the lamestream media.
Life begins at ejaculation.

Deal with it, you baby murdering liberals.
Yeah, this doesn't surprise me at all. The Romney campaign is the most secretive thing I've seen outside of an organized crime cartel.

Can't wait to see all those Tampa sex workers show up at various and sundry state capitols with babes-in-arms next May...
I'm surprised Romney isn't in the witness protection program. He'd probably like to be, at this point. It's the only way to be more secretive than he already is.
@12 I'm confused. Last I checked two guy can't make a baby.
...and the video is gone thanks to a copyright claim by CBS.

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