None of the above - but if it pissed off the Moms, it's an amazing ad and I love it.
It would appear that one million moms need to take very large sticks out of their asses.
Seriously? It's a walrus! I know, though right? There are so many videos out there of people sleeping with walruses! It has to stop! Come on, really? It's Skittles, the commercial is funny.
Nice try, Skittles. Still not weird enough to compete with Japan.
i've never met a single soul that wanted to have 'relations' with a walrus and i'm from chicago.
More like 12 moms and a bunch of sockpuppet accounts.
Skittles has a whole series of totally screwy commercials ("contract the rainbow, taste the rainbow") This one isn't worth any more reaction than the others.
Sorry One Million Moms, but if God didn't want people to have sex with walruses, He wouldn't have made them so damn sexy.
The ad is fairly gross, and does not make me want skittles at all, but anyone who sees bestiality or zoophilia in that ad was already thinking about those topics on their own.

It must be weird to be such a terrible, stupid or irresponsible parent that you think your kids would rush out to fuck a walrus after seeing that ad.
Of course they don't have their best interests in mind...THEY SELL FOOD COLORING AND SUGAR!

that walrus is hot.
Uhh, I'm pretty sure that woman is supposed to be well into her 20's, and not a 'teen girl'.
That walrus looks like one of my exes.
Right, Skittles has a secret agenda...they are trying to influence kids into touching animals inappropriately. Better watch out for their campaign to promote black market organs too. It's a goodie!
I'd rather see her with a big horse meat in her mouth.
That woman has not been a teen for a very long time. 1 Mom (who knows how to write press releases) needs to get her lens prescription checked. Oh, and a life, she needs to get a life.
meh. show me an ad where she gets to third base with the walrus and I"ll be impressed
...want to dress up like a walrus so I can make out with that girl.
Won't someone please think of the goddamned, fucking children?!?
you can't expect me to accept that no homosexuals had a part in making that commercial. not even the art director?
It's gross but inflaming the million moms is the only way to get people's attention these days. If they're not getting paid for all the publicity they generate they're doing it wrong.
I think that is the Ambien walrus and it's one those new crossover ads that combines two products in one ad. If you were on Ambien you might make out with a walrus.
One Million Moms should be put in a Time Out.
I just thought of something: Is it still bestiality if the Walrus is consenting to it? I mean, sure, technically it is. But isn't bestiality wrong at least partly for the fact that animals can't really consent to sex with humans? (Dolphins notwithstanding, those horny bastards!)
This walrus was clearly into it, he is in the apartment of his own free will (not being restrained like that Enumclaw horse), and willingly engaging in kissing, which most bestiality victims don't do at all. He could leave at any time, or just crush the girl, but he's not doing that. He's staying.

In fact, isn't the walrus committing the sin of bestiality hisself, by willingly smooching on a human?

And isn't Skittles committing the sin of false representation? I mean "taste the rainbow"... have you ever tasted a rainbow? It tastes like misty water, not sugar with artificial fruit flavors. A la, @10's response above, selling candy has no one's best interests in mind except the company's bottom line.

I think OneMilMoms is being a little myopic on the issue, there are many sinners here that deserve a good stoning.
The 1 Million Moms press release writer, clearly frustrated by her misspelling of "couch" as "coach" in the original version of this post, has changed it to "sofa" just to be on the safe side.
I've seen that commercial a number of times and I've never noticed they were sitting on a "coach". I imagine the coach must find it hard to breathe under that walrus.
Hot young girl getting busy with ugly guy when her hot roommate walks in. Standard porno plot. Million Mom's could do a real service to women everywhere by demanding better looking lead male characters in porn/skittles ads.

Also, what @18 said.
I never realized how badly I wanted to fuck a walrus until I saw this commercial. I feel so liberated!
I think the commercial both uninteresting and non-offensive. Regardless, they complain that the commercial "includes a teen girl making out with a walrus". Is that actually true? It looks like a couple of roommates in their 20's.
@1, aw I wish that was a poll option!
"Does skittles have our children's best interest in mind?"

Are you fucking serious? Read the back of the package and then answer your own stupid question.

They are definitely not teenage girls...And they spelled couch wrong. How dumb.
This is the best ad for walrus sex since Wilford Brimley was pushing quaker oats!

What's a skittle?!
Sexual Dimorphism is always hot.
There's a walrus/woman/fish joke in there. Taste the deceiving rainbow indeed!

Get two or three moms together and they'll bitch about anything so yeah, I could see where 50,000 moms would pick something dumb like this.

Ok, now I need to think of some jokes about men/fathers to balance this out....
Have these moms ever watched cartoons? I distinctly remember Peppermint Patty having a "thing" for Snoopy.
Voting shows extremely polar views on walrus petting.
Skittles are disgusting.
It made me want to eat Skittles, but I'm so hungry right now I'm having to hold back from eating the keys off my keyboard.
It's from this commercial that hipsters got the idea for those old-timey mustaches. Or the other way around.
Walruses are surprisingly good kissers.
Teens? They didn't strike me as teenaged girls. But what do I know. As for the ad, I just don't get it. I presume that the walrus is like the candy--deceptive. It looks oneway on the outside but tastes different when you bite into it. Still, yuk.
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that finds the walrus hawt!
@43 - It's not about biting into the walrus. It's about the fact that all walruses look the same (racist!) and so this walrus isn't really the other girl's walrus boyfriend. More likely, the walrus is just a total playa' and the two girls are just falling for the classic "I'm a different walrus" line.
Ha, Lewis Carroll had a walrus AND a carpenter. Sick, sick stuff, I'm tellin ya.
None of the above, really. It makes me want to smack the marketer who paid for this dumb-as-crud thing.
Skittles make you big. Both the walrus and Marshawn Lynch say so.
You can't get kids into bestiality with videos like this. You have to start small, with a sexy girl with cat/bunny ears, maybe an anthropomorphic tail. Then homosexual catgirls. Then walruses.
This one is even worse!!
(Boom Box Skittles)
None of the choices are good. Perhaps "... continue to ignore the commercial like I ignore most of them" would be a better option.
Pretty sure that's not a teen making out with the walrus.
@50 -- that made me want to have sex with balding middle-aged men who look ridiculous in shorts. Oh wait, I think I just heard my dick laughing at my hand.
What does he see in her?
If 50K Moms had complained about how Skittles will take the enamel off of kids' teeth, they'd have a gripe. On any given day you can see videos of people kissing their cat or dog and 50K Moms doesn't make a peep. But bring in a Walrus - no - make that an endangered Saharan Sand Walrus - and they'd probably want all walruses slaughtered into extinction.

But the way, when someone calls their dog "my best friend" are they really just in the beast closet and trying to promote human-dog beastiality? Think about it, folks.
I think we should reset the poll, add @1's response to it, and restart it.
I like how He has handles on his face.
Maybe if the walrus turned into Paul McCartney, the commercial would make a little sense. :-)

But, yeah, the 5 moms and their sockpuppets should get pissed about sugar in the candy, and admit THEY wanna fuck a walrus and that's why they are pissed about the commercial!

Do these bitches have NOTHING else to fucking worry about??

Truth be told, some asswipe pulled a GUN on my 19 year old son early this morning - nobody was hurt, thank all that is holy - so all I can say, is watch who your kids fucking friends are, don't goddamn worry about a fucking commercial that has absolutely ZERO chance of affecting their behavior!

Five-and-a-half moms, get your sorry asses off FB, and go hug your damn kids if you really want to do something positive for them, OK??

Oh yeah, commenters #6 and #9 (damn, another Beatle reference!), right on! ITA!

Love and peace to all of you on this very thankful Friday!

P.S. I voted for "Want to eat Skittles", but that is because I already like them anyway, and I wanted to participate in the poll. :-)
I think this ad (…) is way, way creepier than the Walrus thing, which is just a little gross and a lot stupid.
am i the only one that wants to watch those two chicks make- out?
I don't get the spot. Why not have an actual guy there? That would make the, "This is not Bobby, he just looks like Bobby!" thing make borderline sense...

I'm not particularly disgusted thought, because of the obvious fakeness. Mostly confused.
Scrolled through all the comments so forgive me if I'm repeating someone:

1) "... on the coAch"?
2) "Does Skittles have our children's best interest in mind?" Fuck no! They're a goddamn candy company; they don't give a shit about your kids' best interest and why the fuck should they? The function of a business is to sell shit, not look after your stupid bucktooth rascals; having your children's best interest in mind is *your* job, not Skittles's.

I'm sick of pussies on either side of the political spectrum expecting companies to look out for their or their kids' best interest. It's not going to happen and it's not reasonable to ask them to.

3) This ad was neither offensive nor effective.
I like it BECAUSE it makes me uncomfortable.
Not like I really care, because I don't care, but Skittles aren't marketed to children, they're marketed to teenagers--and dumbass teenagers probably think this commercial is HI-larious.
...want to make out with a walrus.
Perhaps if the walrus had actually been hot.
those women are supposed to be teenagers?
@65 ITA.

I voted that it made me want skittles. It's not that gross, but it didn't make me want to make out with a walrus, and it wasn't THAT funny (not like P-p-p-p-POWER! and POTATO CHIPS!, which only seem to get better with repeat viewing.) But it did remind that Skittles are tasty...
Seems fine to me.
Here's a little clue for you all--The walrus was Paul.
@ 67

Yes, it's a proven fact that once parents turn 50 or so, "teenager" means anyone aged 12-35.
Ick, I do find this add disgusting. Strangely, though, I am not feeling compelled to drop everything and try to organize a Skittles boycott.

I suppose I might buy Skittles less frequently. I think I've had them twice in the last 10 years. Maybe only one Skittles purchase over the next 10.
I like how this illustrates the way people think that just because something disgusts them, there has to be something morally wrong going on.
It's just a stupid ad. Poop disgusts me but that doesn't mean I morally oppose bowel movement.
Is the link to the Savage Blog broken for everyone? It just gets me to this article.
Depends. Was it a boy walrus or a girl walrus?
Vomit inducing, disgusitng on every level. A dirty, filthy, zoo animal with smelly urine and feces in the cage images overwhelm my senses when I shockingly watched this in horror. Unimaginable, to stage a teen innocent girl mouth open kissing this beast with sexual moans, and associate attempt selling a food “candy” product is beyond sickening, aimed at our little kids. I want to throw-up. Any sane parent will forever unfortuantely remember this nauseating visual and always pass over skittles for a family friendly, respectful candy product for our kids. Wrigleys must have drugged out imbecile zombies as employees intentionally offending every adult to even think this garbage would sell a food product. I want to barf….

@76: (slow clap)
@76 - Teenager? Sexual moans? Little kids? Food product? What is "candy" when you put quotes around it? How can candy be respectful?

So many pointless to bother to care about the answers.

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