In what appears to be the fallout from a messy breakup, a north Seattle man was battered and left bloody on his couch the night of August 21, according to a report filed by the Seattle Police Department. The man escaped with his life despite telling a masked intruder with a pistol, "If you're going to shoot me, then shoot me."

The break-in and pistol whipping which led to this exchange seem to have been kicked off by what had happened earlier that day: The victim's ex-girlfriend had come by this apartment north of 125th Street, asking for her "property" back. (The police report doesn't specify what property she wanted, though details from the report indicate dogs may have figured in.) The man then told her to come back later, because his new girlfriend was in the house and he "didn't want any trouble," the report says.

The woman left. But around 3:00 a.m., as the man was grabbing a glass of wine before bed, another man allegedly entered his home through the patio door.

The intruder—who was wearing the skull mask "worn in the movie 'Savages'" and sporting "a carpenter type leather belt" with a semiautomatic handgun in one of its pouches—then allegedly hit the man in the face with his gun "hard enough to cut open [his] forehead, and spill blood on the kitchen floor," the police report says. The intruder then allegedly threatened to kill him, but the victim fought back. The masked man then pummeled him with his fist and gun, eventually backing him out into the living room and onto the couch.

The suspect lifted his mask and said, "give the dogs to [your ex-girlfriend] and whatever else she wants." Then he allegedly told the bloody, distressed, and crying ex-boyfriend that he was going to "shoot [him] in the head."

The victim gathered himself together, rose to his feet, and told the intruder, "if you're going to shoot me, then shoot me."

Instead, the intruder headed out the door towards a yellow jeep—a jeep that the victim recognized as belonging to his ex's best friend, the report says. The victim managed to get up and follow him, which prompted the intruder to pistol whip him one last time, knocking him to the ground. The masked man then hopped into the yellow jeep and drove off.

When police got to the scene, the victim "was bleeding heavily from his head and had blood all over the front of his clothes," and was "visibly shaken, scared and in severe pain." Medics on the scene said that he would require stitches for at least two of his cuts. The victim's new girlfriend—who had witnessed the whole event unfold from another room—corroborated the victim's version of events.

Police checked both the ex-girlfriend's home and place of work for any sign of her, the masked man, or the yellow jeep, but found nothing.