There's an "I cried because I had no shoes" joke in there somewhere.
I second that motion. Although the workout from lugging around a 2-gallon watercan is doing wonders for my core.
My rain barrel has been empty for weeks.
Just give us till mid september without rain and i'll be happy.
Chaos forbid that September weather should be like September weather should be! Particularly since June was typically shitty.

And, girlfriends please; read the REAL weather forecast:…

this is what a NORMAL summer looks like. dry as a bone from july 4th to the end of september. warm, not hot, and no fucking humidity.

2010, 2011? those were not normal, they were horrible years without summer.
Nope, I'm done with summer. Whenever fall wants to show up, I'm ready.
I'm looking forward to dark and's why I live in Seattle. It's almost time for the best time of the year. Misty, cool and overcast. It makes the best weather to take long walks in (no one else is out) super weather for making soup and baking roasts in the oven, amazing weather for warm comforters and hot hard bodied guys under those covers with you.

Yeah..summer fucking sucks...BRING ON THE 9 MONTH RAINFEST!!!!!
I am looking forward to some cleaner sidewalks. Seattle needs a shower.
I just hope you all realize that, even though it will be better in the Pacific NW than the rest of the country for the next 30-40 years, it's still going to have more extreme weather than you've ever seen before.

This includes snow.
@8, as G.K. Chesterton probably didn't write:
When the weather's hot and sticky
That's no time for dunkin' dicky.
But when the frost is on the punkin'
that's the time for dicky dunkin.
@5, I love the ATMOS weather discussion report. Something about the all-caps and the ellipses do it for me.
@10, snow all winter would ROCK!!!! I'd love to bring Seattle's two seasons to become three seasons. Yeah, we'd have to buy snow plows but it would be AWESOME!!!
I like the idea of @4, but my nose tells me @9 would be nice.

Gotta love our friendly neighborhood glaciers, though, don't ya?
You guys actually believe weather reports more than 24 hours out? They are almost always wrong.
@8 makes me the most nostalgic for life in Warshington. Whenever one of those 'life in paradise' days gets to me here in Florida, the clear blue skies with the Busby Berkeley clouds somehow remind me of the NW daytime going on seemingly eternally; when finally the grey lid lifts for a few days in June and that Blue that extends to the next galaxy means people do not show up for work, and all kinds of cherry classic cars, especially convertibles, are driving around and I could venture out of my house without a day pack with clothing for three seasons. Then, finally, the wet season. When the autumn rain/mists would descend lightly and the cedar trees would sigh in the wind and shake down drops of water. Work hard all day in a wool shirt without getting wet and not breaking a sweat. Stay up all night since there was so much of it, drink coffee and stay stoked all day.
and @15. I remember one morning in Seattle when it was raining and had been raining all night and the weatherman on the radio said that there was a 50/50 chance of rain. I decided that meant that 50% of the air had water in it and 50% didn't,
I guess you missed the showers that are forecast for Wednesday?
Bring on the Oct/Nov rain & wind-storms!
@5 - Love the 'NWS Seattle' discussion link. :)
Weather-Nerds of the PNW, UNITE!
If we don't get any rain tomorrow, this is likely to end up being the driest August on record:…

Fortunately, the UW's NAM model predicts a little light rain between 8 and 11 tomorrow morning.
If we don't get any rain tomorrow, this is likely to end up being the driest August on record:…

Fortunately, the UW's NAM model predicts a little light rain between 8 and 11 tomorrow morning.

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