Gael Tarleton—the Port of Seattle commissioner running to represent a vacant seat in the liberal 36th legislative direct—already had the endorsement of Mary Lou Dickerson, the retiring incumbent who's held the position for 17 years. But today she's rolled out a new list of supporters.

Among the insidery-insiders supporting Tarleton: King County Assessor Lloyd Hara; former Seattle City Council members Jan Drago and Peter Steinbrueck; the niece of current city council member Bruce Harrell, Monisha Harrell; campaign operative Crystal Fincher; former Washington State Democratic Party Chair Paul Berendt; and former housing authority commissioner Yusuf Cabdi. Though perhaps most significant endorsement is state senator Karen Keiser, who represents the suburban cities south of Seattle in the 33rd District.

These come after Tarleton's competitor on the fall ballot, Noel Frame, has rolled out her latest endorsements, which include lefty grassroots groups, big unions, and the governor.