Oh, the niece of a City Council member - quite a "get"!

What's next - the 2nd cousin of a State House Member?
Monisha was Sahar's campaign manager. Dominic's shilling for Noel didn't quite cover that point.
Call me when Sahar endorses someone - that would be news.
Dominic's coverage of this race verges on ethical malpractice. He's a transparent shill. He recycles Frame's old endorsements (one of them from the organization she chairs) and presents them as new, not bothering to explain the distinction and hiding behind the fig leaf of assumed GOTV factors when he's called on it.

Yet when Tarleton lists actual new endorsements, Dominic mystically transforms into a hard-nosed reporter, underlining the past vs the present, pushing the old and burying the fresh. Shabby, to say the least.
Dom's just reporting what the press releases said - Frame's talked about her broad progressive support (some of it from before the Primary, some of it afterwards), while Gael's press release was just about new endorsers.

Lazy reporting? Possibly. Ethical malpractice - I think not.
No, he's not "just reporting what the press releases said." He's selectively editing the details, omitting relevant facts on one hand, adding them on the other. So the item today explicitly references (and leads with) the past endorsement of Dickerson (i.e, it's old), while the item on Frame makes no reference to time at all (Gregoire's endorsement came in June, for example.)

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