Goose Poopocalypse: Many Madison Park residents opposed the removal of an unsightly fence on the beach of Swingset Park, largely for fear of Capitol Hillites and others invading and ruining the scenic spot. But Madison Park Blogger reports that now that the fence is gone, it's the Canada Geese that have moved in. And they've shit everywhere.

Game, Set, Trashed: Capitol Hill Seattle covered the 11th Annual Hopvine Tennis Tournament, which went down the Sunday before last. Alcohol consumption en masse is a tournament requirement, and strategies employed by the contestants included "get more drunk," and "hit it to the drunker dude."

Mini Cooper, Maximum Destruction: A Mini Cooper was the victim of a head-on hit-and-run in West Seattle last Thursday, reports West Seattle Blog. Though the driver escaped with minor injuries, the Mini was not so lucky: In addition to being wrecked beyond recognition, the Mini's entire engine flew out of the car, landing on the sidewalk. Plenty of pics of the wreckage after the jump.

Neighborhood Blogging at Its Finest: The Jefferson Park Golf Course's historic Clubhouse is slated for destruction by the city. In response, the Beacon Hill Blog has launched an extensively researched three-part series on the Clubhouse's history and the nexus of issues surrounding its planned demolition. For anyone interested in city architectural history, historic preservation, or golf, it's required reading. (Part 2 is here. Part 3 is forthcoming.)