I missed the ticket window this year, then I thought about the dignity and respect with which your average gamer conducts themselves online and decided that maybe I could do without being surrounded by those types.
The ticket "window" was more like a tiny ticket mouse hole. I too missed out and didn't get a pass this year. (Specifically, I tried the first day tickets were available, but they eventually shut down registration to go back to the old registration system at some future date. I checked almost daily if registration was back up, but of course on a day I didn't check they re-opened it and everything sold out quickly. Blah blah. Lots of people complained about not getting a pass this year. I guess the scalpers are having a good year though.)

You had to pick the exact time I'm leading my Guild in exploring the newly released Guild Wars 2. Guh.
But... If you want to extend the party after 9, tomorrow is also the unofficial sneak peak of Raygun Lounge, the offshoot of Gamma Ray Games. I will likely be there after 9 and would love to say 'hi' to fellow Slog Nerds.
I will be at the Nerd Happy and also welcome your PAX requests! Also, seriously you guys, WASH YOUR HANDS. OFTEN.
Extra batteries, especially if you have the 4S where Apple and AT&T conspired to not let you fucking turn off 4G, and drop down to Edge, allowing you to use your phone for 10 hours instead of 2.


Sorry. Ranty.

Anyways, I'm quite fond of my NewTrent (commercial). It doesn't work for your gaming devices that don't charge through USB, but it is nice for iPods and iPhones.

Anybody else have extra batteries they like?
@4 - No kidding. I caught what was probably H1N1 at PAX in 2009 and was bedridden for three days. I should probably have gone to the hospital, but I couldn't move, and Croc is a terrible nursemaid.
@1 The average online gamer is a 45 year old mom on facebook.

PAX is a gamer love-in, and any xnoxious types that are there are far more quiet while in meatspace. Dignity and respect aren't typically the things that are lacking, rather it's deodorant and mouthwash. Any convention can be bad, but PAX has a slightly higher demographic of the social-nicety-unaware than, say, a dentists' convention and in tight quarters it only takes one.

Bring backpack, rations, water bottle (refill frequently), ibuprofen, ear plugs, eye drops (air conditioing gets to people), spare t-shirt (or grab one from swag), gum, 'energy' drink of choice. Comfortable shoes are key.

Surprised someone hasn't started selling "adventurer's kits" yet.
Check on iPad Mini games and how awesome they sound on its speakers.
I was going to be at the Roanoke on wednesday but perhaps I'll make an appearance here.
Love of god, wear deodorant. Shower. It's packed, people are sweaty, and a little extra hygiene effort makes everyone around you grateful. Not perfume/cologne, but an actual shower with soap and everything, and some sort of pits-don't-stink product. Speaking from past PAX experience, nothing turns awesome into "jesus fucking christ, I'm done here" faster than smelling the hair/pits of the person crammed up against you in line.
Seeing as by this time next month I'll probably be on my first day of unemployment, I can't miss the opportunity for a pile of overtime at work over the Labor Day weekend. Otherwise, I'd totally be at the SLOG event. Best wishes.
Cover the Cards Against Humanity panel please! :D
Some of us have to work! :-)
You bastards.
I live on the other side of the damn atlantic, not just the continent, the atlantic aswell - and here you are rubbing it in by inviting other nerds to drink beer.

Okokok... I want you to check out indie roleplaying games (the PnP kind) - if they get any love from PAX at all and perhaps talk to some of the developers about how they feel about not only PAX but the market for indie rpg's in the US. Since they are not economicly that effective as larger brands of rpg's and certainly not as well-off as console game studios or computer game studios - do they have any room at all at such a costly event?

Oh and if anyone wants to have a phone on for the meet up with perhaps a video hangout on G+ that would be awesome (I would be ready to get up at 3 in the morning to watch other nerds get drunk)

@1 Zebes, its not just console gamers there - and even if it where they tend to be mild mannered and awkward in real life.
Gotta agree with @1. After the way the gamer culture reacted to Sarkeesian, I'd rather go hang out at that dentist convention.
Check out the new SimCity please! Is it faithful to its previous incarnations or is it a disappointing cesspool of Spore proportions?
A little Campho-Phenique under the nose does wonders when navigating a space reeking of gamer funk.
Is Ocean Marketing going to be there?
@14 and @16 tied for the Janus double-sided Penny Arcade win!
Can you check out BattleBlock Theater at the Behemoth studios booth?? I want to play it sooooo bad!
Ironically, your SLOGPAX meetup conflicts directly with the official weekly time for Dungeons & Dragons Encounters at game stores everywhere. Including the one in Overlake where I play.
Follow Official Pax ( and Pax Lines ( twitter. They'll keep you up to date on the major session lines. They do some nice giveaways, too.
@6 - I kept you from drowning on your own blood, you ingrate.
Tips from a PAX goer:
Buy some Zinc tablets and possibly Vitamin C tablets/'Emergen-C'. They may seem like they don't work, but anecdotally, I've not had concrud three years running.


EAT FOOD, ACTUAL FOOD. CANDY AND SUGAR WILL MAKE YOU SICK. Not to mention make you pass the hell out at inopportune times, or worse become angry in the middle of that Twilight Emperium match you FINALLY GOT TO RUN.

Don't be afraid to take a nap. Seriously. But, if you don't sleep this weekend, do yourself a favor and drink more water and eat more food. That flesh bag of yours easily becomes a shambling corpse.

If it's your first year, don't be afraid to just wander about and sit where you are interested. There is something FOR EVERY GAMER, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Don't be afraid of the Enforcers. They are there to help you and will answer your questions in the most professional manner possible. They will not, nor should not, in any way shape or form, touch you, hurt you, frisk you, or otherwise be like TSA agents. They are volunteers who are there spending their time to make the convention your playground and temple! That said, DO NOT BE A DICK, period. That's a rule.

Consider a shirt and clothing that wicks perspiration from you, especially if you're lugging about a huge costume or prop or bag o'swag. It's air conditioned... but there's thousands of people, within twenty to fifty feet of you at all times. Compression shirts and clothing seem to work really well for me.

Deodorant, seriously. This is not a joke, do yourself a huge favor. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON.

Bring a game you love. You will find more fans, and more converts than you know what to do with if you're willing to share.

BRING A BAG OF HOLDING. Well, a bag, in any case, one that you like to lug things around in, but bring a bag TWICE THE SIZE you normally would. Half of it should be your things you're carrying like games or food or water (bringing your own water bottle and food will save you money and time as well!), the other half should be available for the inevitable stuff you will likely pick up.

The final tip? Have fun. I'm surprised at how many people go to conventions and come back more stressed out.

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