As an xbox live user, I can tell you that the majority of players are against fags, queers, homos, your mother, your sister, niggers, spics, mexicans, aussies, euros, canadians ....
I'm a Live user too but as with most online stuff I lie outright about most demographic, address, age, birthdays, anything like that.

MS being generally a scummy company doesn't help...they recently made arbitration binding, and make it difficult-to-impossible to cancel online.

The service itself is pretty solid though.

Don't forget Jews! They hey them, too. In fact, I'm surprised the political parties most interested in demographic data on XBox Live users aren't all white supremacist movements or Christian fundamentalists.
@3 I can't believe I forgot Jews! The majority of live users are most definitely antisemitic.
While I don't like politics on my Xbox Live dashboard, I don't think Microsoft is bringing politics into Live for political reasons. I think it's just a natural progression of Live becoming an entertainment hub. And politics today, sadly, is entertainment. Live now can host a myriad of apps that show you movies, tv shows - so why not bring in politics? They're doing everything to keep the eyeballs glued and keep the benjamins coming too.
@4 women too! (AKA: bitches/sluts)

So the real question is how are 40% of them undecided? They sound like the perfect conservatives.
@6, well most have never been laid so their opinion of women isn't shocking
Most ads on my Facebook are republican candidates. I flag each one as offensive.
I would think that 40% of them are "undecided" because they're waiting to attain legal voting age before deciding who they'd vote for.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this basically say Microsoft polled a bunch of people who use xbox live and asked what their political views were? I don't get the "Microsoft is reading your political views from your live account and giving it to everyone" line.
D0uch3t4rd5000 don't take part in no stinkin' polls...
Thanks MS, for jacking up the cost of XBox Live and then selling your own subscription base to advertisers. If I needed more of that, I'd go back to Bank of America.

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