This one goes out to everyone who thinks bashing hipsters and their skinny jeans and their ironic facial hair is edgy or brave or interesting...

‘Whac-A-Hipster’ at Bumbershoot with Toyota’s Prius Family Playground

Seattle – August 29, 2012 – Ever felt the urge to ‘Whac-A-Hipster’? This weekend at Bumbershoot the Toyota Prius Family Playground will offer folks a chance to live out their hipster-whacking fantasies. Whether hoping to escape the heat, looking for an off-the-wall challenge, or searching for a place to re-charge your phones, there’s a little something for everyone at the Prius Family Playground.

Check out the game that’s taking the nation by storm, the Prius v Whac-A-Hipster. Take a spin on the Human-Powered Prize Wheel, a giant hamster wheel that makes you work for a prize, or challenge your friends with the Prius Family Challenge. Too much tweeting, texting and instagramming for your cell phone to handle? Hop in the Prius Plug-In and Charge Up Station where up to five people can charge their phones for five minutes. After working up a sweat, cool down with a complimentary Prius-shaped popsicle and cooling Bumbershoot bandana. And for those festival-goers in the market for a new ride, a few of the latest vehicles in the Toyota Prius Family lineup will be on display as well.

Corporate America feels your hipster-induced pain, Can't-Fit-In-Skinny-Jeans America.