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Laura has been out all day today and yesterday on the main drag through downtown Tampa to the convention with some anti-Republican signs. She's a Tampa native, and she's here on her own, not as part of any political action group. How has the response been? "The majority have been positive." And the negatives? "Some thumbs down, a few birds."

Laura wants everyone to know that not all of Tampa is okay with the Republican platform. She says it's traditionally been a liberal city, and that it's only been more conservative in the last few years as Florida has gone conservative. "I hope to be here tomorrow, too," she says. You can see the other side of her sign after the jump. (Please note that the cops in the background are not related to Laura's signs. Sometimes, it's hard to take a picture in Tampa this week without getting a cop in the background. It's like photobombing martial law out here.)