Bob really wants you to know that he's a registered Democrat. But he's out here because he thinks that Republicans need to "grow a spine" and get behind Israel. Obama, he says, is a hopeless cause because he's "in bed with Al Qaeda." Instead of arguing against Obama's foreign policy, which aligns with radical jihadists, who align themselves with Adolf Hitler, Bob says Republicans are worrying about gay marriage instead. He thinks this is ludicrous.

So is he a Romney fan? Bob shakes his head. He's only voting for Romney because he thinks Obama is dangerous. Did he like anybody else during the primary? He shakes his head again. "None of the Republicans excited me." As Bob and I talk, an older man wearing a yarmulke walks over and nods to Bob. "Thank you," he says in a quiet voice, and then heads through the security gates, into the convention. Bob just nods back. He's been getting that a whole lot.