Yesterday, I reported that Port of Seattle Commissioner Rob Holland asked port CEO Tay Yoshitani to pick one or the other: continue taking his annual $367,000 government salary or $230,000 a year for serving on the board of shipping logistics firm Expeditors International. But not both.

Then later yesterday afternoon, Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton (who is also running to represent the 36th legislative district), sent this email to her campaign supporters making the same challenge to Yoshitani and saying that she want to change the law:

Yesterday I asked the CEO to step down from the board. Today I'm asking my fellow commissioners to join me in asking him to choose: step down from the board or step down from the Port. The people of King County want their elected officials to do what's best for the public. So do I.

But unfortunately, state law is silent about this. It's all-too-common to find high-level public servants in our state walking the halls of corporate America and sitting in boardrooms. We need to change this situation. If I'm elected to serve in the state legislature, I will introduce a bill to prohibit public officials from serving on for-profit boards for compensation... I know this position may not make me popular with my fellow commissioners.

Any other port commissioners willing to stand up to their CEO? Tom Albro? Bill Bryant? John Creighton?