Loved Cannon Brawl. My favorite game of pax for sure. Check it out if you're an rts fan.
Come back soon Stranger Test Dept! You guys are fun to read.
Yeah, I was hells of curious about Ghost Seed but I do not have any kind of Android anything.
Cheers for that guys! Lovelly spread of indie's and its nice to see they still get love even in big conventions (oh oh and do I see a Jared Sorenson game in the back there?). The trouble with indie games is that the mechanics tend to be considered "too different" for the larger companies now in the era of the "Big RPG Death" and so tend to be left behind while they try to, for some reason, use MMO style game mechanics.

Trying to figure out who it was that went to PAX for Facepalm games (which is a finnish company btw, but based in Helsinki so allot of people speak Swedish aswell and just like allot of Finns move to Sweden, allot of Swedes move to Finland).

Thanks for a fun read (from this not so soft-spoken Swede)!
I liked The Stranger's video-games coverage a lot more when they weren't terrified of offending the tiny nuthouse demographic that thinks it's perfectly normal to spend the entirety of one's free time playing this or that more or less recently-released game-product.

What the hell, Stranger Testing Department? Is it against company policy now to make fun of people who desperately need at least a small dose of making-fun-of?
This year was just great. I wish the classic arcade room was a little bigger because after noon, it was very difficult to get a turn at a pinball machine. Of course, the vibe did closely resemble what I assume a classic arcade was like, sans creepy old dude angry at having to change dollars.

My body is kind of broken right now, the act of typing this is making my arms kinda sore. How on earth am I going to get through a 4th day next year, and not have an auto-holiday recovery day?
I went for the first time and had a good time. The indie game corner was definitely the coolest. Meeting notch was the highlight of the show for me.

Where did all those cute nerd girls come from and what do I have to do to convince them their boyfriends are losers?
@5, maybe you could be a little more specific? You act like everyone knows who you're talking about but all I get from your rant is that you think someone is a crazy stupidhead. Is it Luke Crane? Do you hate that guy? Do you hold a burning contempt for Reiner Knizia? I don't know!

@7, maybe they just like guys who aren't abrasive rageburgers? Good luck anyway, though. :D
Thanks TSTD! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

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