Since the League of Education Voters (LEV) has declined to endorse either Jay Inslee or Rob McKenna for governor due to neither candidate's willingness to offer "a credible plan for ample, sustainable funding of a world-class public education system," perhaps the LEV might want to consider endorsing me?

My education agenda is clear. If elected I would propose legislation to implement high-quality universal preschool and full day kindergarten fully funded by a five percent excise tax on capital gains in excess of $10,000 a year. Under the Goldy Plan, less than three percent of Washington households would see their taxes rise, while the hundreds of millions of dollars districts would save each year from reduced expenditures on remediation, special education, and other "high intensity interventions" would be reinvested in our public schools.

No, that's not enough to fully meet the demands of the McCleary decision, but it would provide a helluva head start. So to speak.

Of course I'm not running for office, so the LEV should feel free to aggressively push either my early learning or "Education Income Tax" plans on their own. Unless, you know, they're too busy burning their political capital promoting charter schools.