Chris Kluwe is awesome and is getting some much deserved attention for his open letter to Burns. However I think we need to give some love to Ravens' player Brendon Ayanbadejo. He is the player whose vocal support of marriage equality prompted the despicable letter from Burns in the first place. Here is Ayanbadejo lending his voice to the fight:…
And let's give some props to Scott Fujita, too. He's been rather outspoken in his support as well:…
Fucking great! I hope this exposure leads to him realizing that chin hair must go.
Kluwe is a good punter because the Vikings are terrible and he thus gets a lot of practice. But his letter made me a fan of a punter (despite the fact he plays for the Vikings). I may even find one of his jerseys.

Yes, let's not forget to give lots of credit to Brendan Ayanbadejo, too. His name's a little more difficult to many people--take a moment to say it a few times to yourself to get it right.
Here's a much better video of Scott Fujita talking about why he's a big supporter of gay rights:…
This whole episode, from Ayanbadejo's initial support of marriage equality to Kluwe's epic letter, has been fantastic. Hope it encourages lots of other pro athletes to speak out. As Chris wrote, segregation in the NFL was "only done away with by brave athletes and coaches daring to speak their mind and do the right thing". Burns is a moron, and all he's succeeded in doing is ensuring that many, many more people are aware of his assholery than ever would have been before he decided to pull such a stupid move.
@1, Ayanbadejo is a hero - and gorgeous (he could relax his eyebrow shaping a bit, maybe). Thank god, Michael K at dlisted linked to Kluwe's abs pic:…
@2: If he were an offensive lineman it would be acceptable...
@3: Exactly.
Great on him for standing up! But he's fucking ugly as hell. Sorry
I've been following him on twitter for a while now. As a Vikings fan, he's one of my favorite players partially because he's awesome and partially because he's hilarious! And pretty down to earth too.
@9... well i, for one, would let him have some..
I said this yesterday, but bears repeating: Chris could talk dirty to ma all day long. Swoon.
Ooooh, swoon. He's a delight. And football players supporting gay rights? I never thought I'd live to see the day!
I wonder if he is into older women? Swooning is the perfect response here.
Kluwe got a fair amount of crap for using so many bad words in his original rant, so he offered a rewritten version (and addressed the people who have a problem with his use of language) here:…

I like how "narcissistic fromunda stain" turns into "beautifully unique sparklepony." Also the statement that gay marriage won't magically turn you into a lustful frolicking ostrich.
Go Bruins!
1st amendment rights are not absolute.
ans employers often have the right to regulate their employees public declarations.
sorry to piss in the punchbowl but it is true......
Kluwe is getting some well deserved publicity for his fantastic open letter, but I have to say I think Ayanbadejo is hotter.
@17: It wasn't the employer who was trying to regulate speech, it was an elected official. That's an entirely different fishbowl.
@17 Actually, to piss back at you, employers do not have a 'right' to do that. A right means that the government has a responsibility to uphold it. What employers have is freedom to make corporate policies (as long as they aren't illegal) and fire employees who don't comply.

In this case, it's an elected official who is trying to use his position of government power (he was speaking as an official, not as a citizen here) to threaten someone's freedom of speech. That's a no, no.

And nice to see so many positive comments after it...
Even if he weren't smokin' hot, I'd do him just for the awesomeness of his letter.
Dan Savage, that comment is simply juvenile and inane. Perhaps if you ditched your cultural catholicism you would move on in a more intelligent mode. Secure straight men relate to gay men's adulation about as well as a woman does to sexist comments and 'wolf calls'.
@17: Employers can only regulate or interfere with the expression of their employees if it directly relates to the business being done. If he'd stood up as a Raven, in his uniform, and said what he did, the owner of the team could censure him. But he made that statement as a private citizen, not representing the team, and so the owner has no say in it. And for an elected legislator to attempt to have him silenced is a flagrant offense against the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Which is why Danny works so hard to keep those who disagree with him off of public affairs programs on television.
And yet he lets you roam off-leash and piss on the shrubbery.
you made that up. it shows.


The elected official was urging the business entity to regulate the speech of its employee.
He is within his rights to do so.
He has freedom of speech like everyone else, you know.
If his 'employer', the voters, don't like it they can fire him.

If this clown was not a professional football player no one would care or know what he was saying. He is borrowing the fame of the organization he works for to spread his ideas.
They may decide they do not want their reputation used that way and tell him to stop.
They would be within their rights to do so.

The Screeching Liberal Fascists on Slog only think it is 'free speech' when they agree with it.....


it's Danny's schtick.

He is afraid his cred as a hip gay man will fade as he ages.

Sure, it is overboard and creepy but the Fanboys don't mind.

Think of Danny as a middle-aged Clint Eastwood.....

actually the IT stooges at Slog block The Troll regularly and frequently. several times a week.....

Censorship, you know.

First and Last refuge of Scoundrels.

But The Truth finds a way around the blocks and gets back on.

The Truth can not be shut down forever.

But Danny will keep trying.
I don't get the hair, but he's amazing for speaking out on this. Sports fans aren't always the most pro-gay people around, but things are changing.
I'm rewarding him for this by getting my brother to stop telling that joke about how he wants all his pallbearers to be Vikings players "so they can let me down just one more time."
@28: No, I did not make it up.…
Don't just look at it, read it.
@30: You made that up. It shows.

your link deals with government employees.

your post @25 extends it to all employees.

I can't claim he's on my football team but he does play on my Warcraft realm so WOOO HOME TEAM
Danny, I can't help myself. I've decided to stop all this nonsense and come clean.

I want to suck your cock.

not kidding.

how 'bout including me in your next 3-way? hmm? dead serious, here ...
just sick of all this bullshit, frankly. i need honesty in my life. what I said about IT?


sick of all the lies. how about this? I'm a fucking 40 yr old closet case here, living with my mother, and feeling absolutely pathetic in how I slobber all over your column, danny, every single goddam day without fail, shitting on your liberals and elites. i feel shitty about it.

help me stop. help me come to terms with my problem. please. totally sincere, here.

(no, I don't have a split personality. I recently had a close family member die, and honestly, i'm trying to change my ways. life's too fucking short for this bullshit. sick of living a lie.)

and calling you "Danny" all this time?

obnoxious. childish. irritating.

please let me make it up to you.

and if anyone's wondering, this is not Seattleblues. I'm a hugely closeted - all my life - fearful little rodent. never had the courage to live my life honestly, and

that's part of the reason i've been so shitty and snarky to you. we're almost the same age, and you've been out most of your life. and here I am, a fucking virgin.

btw, Terry's pics over on instagram? unbelievable hot. i check his page daily. nobody knows. i clear my history. i want to try and land somebody that hot, if at all possible, but in the meantime, I just want to experience some cock, somehow, and honestly, I'd like to start with you.

well ... preferably, you AND Terry ...
Oh, swoon. He can punt his balls into my end zone any time.
I just wanna turn over a new fucking leaf.

And suck some cock.

i may not agree with your politics, sigh, I'm gonna go ahead and say it - "Dan" (not "Danny"!) - but I was raised in an extremely strict Christian household, so I've had a lot of trash and nonsense drilled into my sorry head from a young age. But here's my pledge:

from here on, I'm gonna try to stop being such an ornery, obnoxious motherfucking, tiresome idiot.

PS. if you see other posts from me on here, claiming to disagree with myself - with what I'm saying here, which is the REAL me - honest to God! - please ignore them.
PPS - what I said above, in @29, about it being painful for Terry, watching you age? just pent up angst and bitchy bitterness talking. i'm fairly certainly Terry finds you blistering hot, still. honestly, you look great. especially in that video where you're doing Savage Love Live in Chicago and your brother is interviewing you on stage, which I think was from last year. fucking 90 minutes long and your BUILD just absolutely LEAPS off the screen the whole time. WOW! seriously impressive.

for anyone who hasn't seen it - go and check youtube! makes me fucking hard.

christ, it feels good to get this off my chest.

Thank god for that "ignore unregistered comments" button. There seems to be an eruption of them lately. Trolls be bored and lonely? Go out and play, or something.
Not "trolls" - "troll". There's only me - the closet case trying to make amends for his inexcusably immature and obnoxious behavior ...

With the hopes that it will eventually lead him to some cock.

Countertroll would be more effective w/o the abrupt leap in literacy level. Where are all the ellipses? B minus.

actually what is painful for Terry is watching Danny make a big ostentatious production out of hound-dogging after shaggy boys.

carry on.....
there I go again! Projecting! I absolutely LOVE shaggy boys! Seriously. In fact, if I have one complaint about Dan's appearance, it's that short, Marines-style cut. Terry is more my style. but Dan's build is so fucking powerful - even in those loose tshirts he always wears - I mean, Christ, hello?!? Those ARMS!!

so please, fellow Sloggers ... i'm trying to make amends here, for miles of asshole-ry. ignore that @45 dude trying to make me look bad. I'm the original troller, here! not that imposter!

@9: He may be "ugly as hell" to you and that's good so you don't have to slut yourself and sleep with his uglyness. What a shallow person you are.
@45, I should also remind myself, or the guy posing as "me", that I/we highly doubt Terry feels a lot of pain. He's fucking married to Dan Savage ...

LTR, kid, nice house, European vacations, likely no money worries, superhot, superawesome sex (I mean, come on, sex has been Dan's full time professional job for 20+ years ... ! Y'think there's a chance in all hell he's bad in the sack?)

So ... me, buddy. I know the jealously rages in you/me, which causes these lashings out and split-personality style Slog comments, but let's try harder to be honest. Enough of the lies and bullshit! It's eating you/me up ...

so unhealthy! It's time to review my life situation - the one that compels me to sit on Slog all day, day in and day out for months on end ... exactly like the liberal slackers I pontificate to and about ... shitting not only on Savage and his husband and even, unthinkably, their kid (!) at times (absolutely disgusting, that), but other Stranger writers, as well (Paul Constant, for one).

I/we need to confront me/our demons! It's okay that I/we secretly want Savage, and that I/we can't, for instance, stop beating off to that youtube video referenced earlier ... and that that has been the real reason behind all my/our nastiness and vitriol all this time!

Half the battle is admitting it! WE want to get better! WE want to get an actual life and stop snooping and hanging out in places we clearly find repulsive, slimy, icky and unsavory like Slog ... actually spending all our time picking idiotic little bitch-fights and just generally being obnoxious and insufferable ... and maybe, eventually find a real, actual boyfriend to help us channel away the nastiness and find some release! Other than with my/our own hand, that is!

Oh ... fuck. Mom's calling me/us up from the basement. Talk at/for you/us later.

Hey Troll,

In all seriousness there's general counseling services out there for uninsured folks and/or those in low income situations or otherwise without resources available to them. Contact your local department of human services chapter. Or any nearby university or community college's mental health clinic will have low/no-cost programs & clinics available through their system. Failing that, you can even call whatever the local Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance provider in your area is and they'd be able to refer you to whatever community based/pro-bono/whatever agencies are out there to assist & support those in need.

You don't need to reply to this message & good luck to you one way or other.
And furthermore I/we ... let's admit there is not only sexual jealousy happening here, but jealousy jealousy ...

Do I/we have several best sellers under our belt ...? As well as one presently pending? (Why do I/we never even get book offers??)

Did I/we have an Mtv special that just got Emmy-nominated? Based on a wildly successful international project that got us invited to the White House and even compelled same to hold it's first-ever national conference on the subject?

Did Mtv offer us our very own show with our very name in the title?

Do WE ever get invited onto Maher, Colbert, CNN, MSNBC, RuPaul's Drag Race, etc etc?

Have WE had, over many years, numerous op/ed pieces in various national and local publications?

Do WE get blurbs on the front cover of other people's bestsellers ...?

Do WE write and direct plays which local theater companies put on ...?

Do WE run a highly successful, long standing local weekly that just won a Pulitzer Prize? Something almost unheard of in the business ...? (Weeklies getting Pulitzers ...)

Do WE have a ridiculously hot husband?


we don't place a space between the ellipsis and the preceding word...
Oh, I like the old troll, the real troll, even when he's way out of line. He is obnoxious and ignorant, or insincere, but I appreciate the entertainemt value he brings. I'd say he's more tolerable than Seattleblues, actually, who always takes himself way too seriously.

I always thought about football players making grand open statements in favor of gay rights, but only in the same I've thought about the Supreme Court suddenly becoming nonpolitical - something that I will never live to see. And then, suddenly, it happens.

And what does Ann "I LOVE YOU WOMEN!" Romney think of two lesbians getting married? Paraphrase: "I'm only here to criticize Obama. I'm not going to talk about these hot-button issues, like contraception, that women don't care about. Women only care about what a horrible president Obama is."

Ten years ago, she would have answered, "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman." Today, she can't even get herself to say that.

So, add both of these together - Ann Romney and the shaggy football players - and you can say the concept of gay marriage is looking pretty good.
Thank you, Mike. You are really too kind, but Me The Troll is already in counseling ... Or at least, I sure as hell should be. What I'm doing here is to simply try to make me, face "me", and realize how pathetic and obnoxious I've been to this Savage character, and to hosts of others here on Slog, as well. It's just gone on too long and I'm fucking sick of my own stinking, pontificating ass. I mean, what do you call the type of loser creep-o who spends almost literally every day responding, always in the nastiest possible fashion, to almost literally everything Dan Savage, or any of his supporters, say? (Ever notice how often my pathetically unregistered comments are way near the top of the posts? That's how quickly I leap on!) If I loathe the man to this degree, as I clearly must or I wouldn't put in the time, if I'm even low enough to make cracks about his kid, let alone the (hot) husband, and of course, gays in general ... why hang out with him, then, and do what amounts to online stalking like this ...? I'm embarrassed at, and for, myself ...

Do I have some sort of weird vendetta ....? Was I once a one night stand wannabe, long ago, that he passed by? Is it just that I can't face my own ridiculously repressed sexuality ...? Did he once turn me down for a Stranger internship? Did he fail to respond to a letter, or multiple letters, sent years back, to Savage Love? Is it that I'm 40, a virgin, and live in the burbs in my parents' basement instead of a super hip city like Seattle and that the jealousy - professionally and personally - just eats me up? I mean ...

Oh no...
is it possible Our Little Danny has finally snapped?
And NFL is behind him.

This is the time, NFL - make some history, you know you want to...
PS, it's true that super-hot straight people who fight like hell for our rights - not their rights, which they already have, but OUR rights - can be problematic in that it might make us have to wistfully bite our knuckles... but...

Not to assume anything about Chris in particular, of course.. I mean, you do what you can... but still, thanks
@54. Come on, man! Is that the best I/we can come up with? Seriously? No, asshole, "Danny" was not on Slog last night - didn't you hear? He was doing the wildly successful Ira Glass DJ gig over at Showbox. Seen the pics? Fucking place jammed to the rafters - wall to wall people. How many times have WE sold out the Showbox? Huh? By contrast, what did WE spend our Saturday night doing? Aside from beating off to Dan vids, that is?

Now, run along and make some nasty cracks about the man's kid, again ... Btw, he's 14 - same mental age as you.
Perhaps he could legally be fired over his speech, but they didn't, and they won't. The NFL isn't anti-gay. To me, that means a lot more than if they had to keep him for legal reasons. That an elected official trying to silence a person is disturbing. That elected official should try make his own case for his side, not try to silence the opposition because he I is losing.
If Kluwe was a woman and there was this much talk about attractiveness/ugliness there would be a firestorm of comments about how horrible and sexist it all was.

Why don't the people policing body image/language issues care when it is about a guy? Is it not still sexism? I genuinely want to know the distinction.
Look, it's nice that he was willing to lend his voice to this cause, especially because people listen to athletes and kids look up to them. But his letter wasn't particularly well-written and he didn't say anything that others haven't said FAR more eloquently. I don't like living in a culture which exalts the opinions of people who kick a ball around a field. He's just a guy; why is everyone making such a big deal of this?
@60 - the distinction is that this culture has a long history of valuing women only for their attractiveness. For Chris Kluwe, his attractiveness is a nice plus, a quality that doesn't have much to do with his success in life. But female athletes cannot get to his level of success without focusing on their physical attractiveness, wearing short skirts, modeling for magazines, etc. When we focus on a woman's attractiveness, we are implicitly saying that her words and actions don't have value unless they are accompanied by a pretty face or a sexy body. When we focus on a man's attractiveness, we are pointing out an incidental quality that we appreciate.

Yes, it's a double standard. But it's not "unfair". What's unfair is the enormous double standard to which women have been subjected for centuries.
@62: Ok, so it is only unfair when a double standard exists against people other then men, got it.

Also, people can only be incidently commenting on a man's looks, but when they do so to a woman it is always rank sexism. Loud and clear.
@ 61, pro sports (and actually, sports in general) has long been a bastion of homophobia - or at the very least, it's long been stereotyped that way. (Quick, name one prominent, out and proud pro athlete.)

Sorry, but the fact that NFL players are not only vocally on our side, but vociferously so, is a big deal. It was inevitable, but it's still something to celebrate when it happens. These guys reach an audience that none of your fancy "eloquent" speakers have. If you don't value that, then you're probably a snob.
@64 Gareth Thomas says hi.
@ 65, Gareth Thomas isn't in the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL, and that didn't need to be specified. Next!
@66 I see your point. There's been some players coming out after their sports careers end. It's not much, I know, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some out players in major American sports in the next few years.
@63: Glad you grasped that so quickly!

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