On the bright side, the Parsi traditional of "sky burial" is getting some help from Our Mr. Sun……

—after indiscriminate use of Voltaren in livestock production killed off the vultures who formerly did the snarfling:…
Get a shovel and clean it up.

Fucking Marxist always expect someone else to do their dirty work, usually at rhe end of a gun barrel.
Not as depressing as seeing a cat rot by the side of the road. (yeah, keep your cat inside, they don't look both ways before running into traffic)
That's not dead coon. That's Bush Meat. Ask your people...
funny how it bothered you and you just waited for someone/something else to deal with it.
We are all trapped in the urban graveyard.
Thankfully I've never lived anywhere where my neighbors or I wouldn't remove and dispose of a dead animal within hours of discovery.
The only exception I've seen was a deer that got hit by a car late Friday night of a three day weekend in a smallish town. By Sunday the stench was awful. A full sized deer is far too big for most people to shovel or bag. The DPW crew did take care of it first thing Tuesday morning..
Spend some time around a dermestid beetle colony in an anatomy lab, then you can complain about the smell of rotting flesh. Especially if the beetles have been eating fish.
You know, you can call the city and they'll come get a dead animal within a few hours. They came and got a possum that had wedged himself behind our shed somehow and died there when we were out of town.
not really a problem here like it is to the east, but rabies is still a consideration when handling a dead raccoon. they account for +/- 35% of US wildlife rabies. not likely to be transmitted to you if you use a shovel, but still something to be aware of. and don't let your pets near the carcasses - if your pets aren't vaxed, the raccoon can be just as dangerous dead as alive. this is as important a reason to call the city for removal as any other. (and yeah, vax your pets).
I walked by that raccoon eating a bahn mi from down the street. I lost my appetite and stopped eating as I passed the carcass. I looked over and saw the men from St Francis watching me not ten feet away, eating on a curb without thinking twice. I put the sandwich back in my mouth and wondered what a BBQ Raccoon bahn mi might taste like.

We are all meat.
"Get a shovel and clean it up. "
Gotta agree, Charles. How can you stay removed and stay engaged?
"Get a shovel"? And then what, toss it in the nearest dumpster?
Dead things remind Chuckie of his people and culture.
It is I, TONDERAI! Mountain man of Zimbabwe!! Did I not tell you I have spent a whole year unpacking books?!? I am a renaissance man and artist! I do not pick up trash like some commoner! I have to live in a house instead of an apartment! Don't you know my suffering?!?

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