That cycle track will be perpetually filled with clueless bobbleheads standing around and staring at their phones.

Nice watercolor though. You can't sell a construction project without lovely watercolors.
Looking forward to Paul posting about how this absolutely, positively, demonstrates once and for all that Amazon is super-duper-evil.
I guess in Seattle we build cycle tracks the same way we build transit: little segments that don't connect to anything. But at least it's something!

Seattle works that hard to maintain its C average.
"Cycle track" -- I expected a velodrome. This is a dedicated, properly separated bike lane. And yeah, there will be a bunch of idiots updating their FB status and holding their 4-dollar cups of warm milk, blocking the way like browsing cattle, only stupider.
Fabulous! My wife and I bike there and would use it all the time.
Perfect! Can't wait to see this come to fruition after yet more years of construction in SLU, where every day brings another closed street, pedestrian inconvenience or noisy, dusty building site.

A 2 block long "track".

That'll be worth losing all the sunshine from yet another obsolete skyscraper.
A two-block cycle track is perfectly in scale with our one-mile monorail.
A 2 block long "track".

That'll be worth all the campaign dollars that Rasmussen and McGinn will suck up for this glad-handing...
Will this take a traffic lane out of 7th Avenue?
@8 - And our 1.3 mile tunnel.
Cycle track = great. But the whole point is to make potential cyclists feel safer, and 2 blocks of safety doesn't mitigate the countless blocks of hazard surrounding it. This is a great first step, and hopefully it will push the development of a dedicated track all the way into downtown.
Is that a one-way or two-way track? From the oh-so-helpful watercolor, it would appear that there is only a track on one side of the street. So riders on the other side of the street will need to dismount and cross over, then after two blissful blocks, they will need to dismount and cross the street again to continue on their way. That is, if they want to do so legally.

Of course they won't do this, and will instead change lanes while moving through the intersection at both ends. The bike/pedestrian and bike/auto and bike/bus collisions will all be blamed on the inattentive pedestrians and drivers.

More of this, indeed...

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