Technically, Dan, it's called a Horcrux, not a heart.
It's the microphone. I like the "stoney little heart" description.
hmmm...maybe it you wanted us to insert a different shirt (or no shirt) image on top? Like dressing a paper doll...
A t-shirt! On teevee?!


You're a crappy homosexual, Mr. Savage.
Trying to win back your coveted spot on the Wikipedia page for "t-shirt?"
I guess someone has to say it:

Don't you have a gay husband that could dress you?
New suit at the cleaners already?!
(Sorry, I'm on a Men at Play kick at the moment.)
Well said, Dan.

I've had so many people tell me "George Bush/Mitt Romney isn't anti-gay. He just has to say these things to bring out the base."

If anything, I think that makes the statements and policies all the worse. "I'm going to support anti-gay legislation that I really don't believe in personally, because, by doing so, I will reap a short-term political benefit."

That said, I agree with you and all others who think that you should get Terry to dress you.

The GOP is more homophobic than the democratic party. But is it not better for both parties to strive for greater acceptance, by LGTB Americans working from within both parties?

Labeling Romney as homophobic is about as useful as expecting him to be grand marshal on Gay Pride day. He is to a degree, but so is a large percentage of the folks around us on a daily basis in our personal and professional lives.

Our community needs bridge building and forward thinking, not Dan's blanket labeling and failure to see the bigger picture.
Dan - a T-shirt is perfectly fine for a gay man to wear on TV. However! The t-shirt should have a tight fit that shows off your pecs, lats, and abs, and it should have extra short sleeves that make your biceps pop.

You can find all kinds shirts like that at Panache on Broadway.
I saw the clip earlier on Joe.My.God and these were my first two thoughts: Right on Dan, and what the hell is up with that T-shirt? Christ, it doesn't fit right and the microphone is pulling the neckline down, making it look like crap. If only there was some gay man with decent fashon sense available to consult with...
That outfit has set the civil rights movement back a generation.
Yes, your shirt is bad. But what I really want to know is whether that image in the background is yours - is that one of the walls in your office, so you can Skype interviews from home?

It looks like the standard Seattle skyline shot from Kerry Park, and it looks green-screened to me, but I could be wrong.
I must agree with Seandr. A trip to Panache would not be amiss. And it's right down the street from you!
I'm sure Dan's pecs, lats and abs are wonderful. But I'd rather see him in a baggy T-shirt than a synthetic clingy one from Panache. Can't Tim Keck get him a gift certificate to Barneys or Mario's or Blackbird? Or can't one of these places send him gifts of T-shirts?
@15: That's in a studio somewhere in Seattle and probably green-screened, @16, (but I've always known it blue-screened).
You're in the Pacific Northwest, Dan. Wear some flannel!
Wait, was that John Fugelsang? I had no idea he was still working in television. I don't think I've seen him on tv in like a decade. ...huh...
Supporting Romney is the equivalent of supporting a segregationist in the 60s. Sure he wants to keep black people away from whites, but his vague, far fetched promises of a better economy outweigh his actively working against equal rights.
right after the clip is an ad for Joy Behar.

that has to really hurt.....

Danny hasn't been on real TV

since he copped to wanting to fuck Rick Santorum.

Gay dude for Romney, its like you are in a terrible with relationship with domestic abuse and you keep on going back for more because you want to hurt yourself.
So Danny;

what is your exact reasoning

for punching polygamists in the face?
your analogy is sound but it does seem that your t-shirt is actively trying to remove itself from your body.
What would be a better "Dan Savage" shirt? Pirate with puffy sleeves? You're from a port city, after all.
Isn't that your mic on your t-shirt? And could you please make the extra inch of translucent white advertising crap at the bottom of slog please go away?
I clicked on the video so I could weigh in on the t-shirt, but then I ended up listening to what you had to say and forgot the shirt altogether.

I avoided that problem by watching on mute. He asked for visual feedback, I figured that would be the best way to give it. It's not like I haven't heard his positions hundreds of times anyway.
I don't know who that host with the elaborate hairstyle is but I thought your shirt made it look like there was a barber just off camera readying his clippers. Nice commentary. This is the network that most recently fired Olbermann, no?

Fugelsang was the one who got the "etch-a-sketch" comment out of Romney's advisor, Fehrnstrom, on CNN.
@18: Baggy cotton t-shirts are what pudgy men wear when they mow their suburban lawns, not what nationally known, gay advice columnists, authors, podcasters, and playwrites wear on TV.

The only way to dress up a t-shirt is to wear it tight (cotton is fine) and be in decent shape.
Okay, I'm probably asking for it because his supporters are constantly googling his name to find new people to argue with, but the part about "honest bigot vs. dishonest bigot" reminded me of the Ron Paul newsletter thing. Paulbots always try to make a case that he's not a racist and was just appealing to racists in order to drum up support - as though faking racism for votes is so much better than being a racist. Yeah, no it isn't.

What matters isn't what you personally believe, it's how you reflect those beliefs. If Paul's public actions make him indistinguishable from actual racists in the eyes of both anti-racist activists and white supremacists alike, it doesn't matter what he personally thinks about black people. If Mittens and John McCain et. al's actions make life harder for gay people and disseminate homophobia, whether they personally agree with it is irrelevant.

The point is that, if you were a true ally, you wouldn't be willing to throw that group under the bus for personal gain.
Re: the t-shirt, all I thought was that it was kind of a boring color compared to the yellow t-shirt on the picture that showed before you played the video.

But I'm a dyke, I don't know anything about fashion.
The video is showing up as private now. Came here hoping to find an updated link... what gives?
Google yields this, which I'm guessing is the same?…
I'm also getting a ":-/ This video is private" error; I realize I'm late to the party, but still, what gives?

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