At the end of the day, what Mike Daisey said about the Apple corporation is brutally true
It might be more accurate to say that what Mike Daisey said about Apple reflects brutal truths, while distractingly and disastrously distorting those brutal truths.

Or, in other words, Fnck Apple, and also Fnck Daisey.
Apple does not give a shit about consumers or workers. They do not believe that consumers nor their workers have rights. It has been Steve Job's business philosophy since day one.

They do make a higher quality product though, so there is that. Take your pick.
Jobs', rather.
Grateful that my iPhone 5 shipped before all this went down.
Before calling it "brutally true," or just plain "true," I'd like to see less ambiguous reporting. "Facility that reportedly makes parts for Apple's iPhone 5" is not "Facility that makes parts for Apple's iPhone 5." It means that they can't confirm what the parts are, or for whom they're made.

Before judging, we must always insist on the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth.
Kind of like that factory in China that Bain was going to buy that Mitt Romney visited. Where the employees were kept behind barbed wire and guard towers to keep out all the prospective employees who thought the way to get a job there was to break in.
I assume that Charles and Theodore don't own/use any products made by the following companies. Because, chances are high that Foxconn manufactured it or parts for it.

Acer Inc. (Taiwan)[41] (United States)[7]
Apple Inc. (United States)[42]
Cisco (United States)[43]
Dell (United States)[44]
Hewlett-Packard (United States)[45]
Intel (United States)[46]
Microsoft (United States)[9]
Motorola Mobility (United States)[44]
Nintendo (Japan)[47]
Nokia (Finland)[42]
Sony (Japan)[8]
Toshiba (Japan) [48]
Vizio (United States)[49]

the fantasy of our bright future in dense urban cities sipping lattes and coddling our iPhones may just be a lie...…

You are a despicable human being.
Didn't Fritz Lang cover this 80 years ago?
and Upton Sinclair about 20 years before that.

They [apple] do make a higher quality product though, so there is that.
I disagree that they make a higher quality product. Their customer service reps go above and beyond the call of duty to kiss their customer's asses though.
Nobody comments on the report that 5,000 police officers were sent to quell the riot...?

Nobody? What the hell kind of overreaction is that to send that many cops, and who even has that many cops? Oh yeah, China does.
It's not just Apple. As the beeb points out: "Foxconn is not just used by Apple, but by all the biggest tech companies in the world. Some of its clients include HP, Microsoft, Nokia and Sony."

We can dump on Apple, it's fair criticism, but we should bitch loudly about the others, too.
How is this even possible in the workers paradise that is the People's Republic of China?

Did you read this on your iPhone?
@7 -- most of the anti WTO protestors used those products, also wore shirts made in the third world. those with cars owned hondas and camry's and VW's made abroad, too. they are anti trade only when marching on their shoes made in china and bought for really cheap prices!
@7: Yeah, they don't give a shit about foreign workers either. Since the post was about Apple, I did not think it necessary to also list every international company that has a poor labor record.

Unless of course, you are just making that "well its ok that Apple does it, because others do too" argument I hear so often.

But at least other companies still think that consumer's rights exist, and let you actually own the products you buy.

@17, hmmm, didn't realize that Apple owns the computer I am using to type this response. Interesting.
@1 for the harsh cold Win of the Day.
'At the end of the day, what Mike Daisey said about the Apple corporation is brutally true.'

Apart from the lies, sure.

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