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These teams should just cut around all the red tape at City Hall and use Tacoma Dome.

We could have basketball and hockey now.
Instead of buying a stadium, why not just buy a team? Then you can tell them to play wherever you want and they can't leave because you own them.
@2 Because the leagues won't allow it. The Packers are grandfathered in.
They could change their name to the Seattle Coal Trains.
The Oilers are a good young team, but does Seattle want to steal a team from a town that adores it like the Sonics were stolen? The Florida Panthers are also a good young team, and would be successful here. Hockey in Florida is not really selling.
@4 for the insightful Child Choking and Respiratory Distressing win!
I have no problem stealing an NHL team from any city below the Mason Dixon line, but not from north of the border. That's just wrong on so many levels.
Ah. That's probably a good idea, since the Packers have been such a colossal failure and the city of Green Bay can't stand them. A single person owning a team has historically been much more loyal to the town the team started in, never moving them and always showing their devotion to the fans by buying them a nice stadium to watch their team play in.

Overall a great decision by the league. It really shows you that their hearts are with the fans.

Agreed. Either of the Florida teams would be fine really. The quality & talent of the team at the time of sale shouldn't really have any impact, but there's no reason for two teams to exist down there. A case could be made against even one, for that matter.
Um, no. The Lightning will stay right where they are thankyouverymuch.
God damn it @4 I was going to make that exact same joke.

I salute your hilarity.
Well, there is a freeze on new NBA franchises, but not one on new NHL franchises, so there's that.
I’m not sure if novelty scarf sales in Seattle will offset season ticket sales in Edmonton.
@ 12, if anyone at the NHL is even entertaining the idea of expansion, then they have their head so far up their ass that there is no hope at all.
@13, that's a beauty.

@14, couldn't agree with you more, but Bettman might.
@4, 11: Colliers brings the euphony, along with the retro.

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