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12M jobs will be created by the republican jackhole business owners who have been refusing to expand all throughout Obamas presidency despite having ready capital.

should Romney be elected they will hire to make him look good.

should Obama be elected they will continue their freeze.

the last 4 years explained.

and, we're done. . .
no, we can't afford another four years like the last four years--so please vote every republican possible out of congress.

just pittiful.
Am I the only one who was irked and distracted by the zoom in,zoom out and repeat cycle?
Let's see the plan.

And while you're at it, throw in the tax records as well.
The problem as I see it is that his mannerisms seem to directly contradict his words. There are still weirdly-inflected words and a lot of very small head shakes. I don't find it a realistic or persuasive portrayal at all.

agreed, pittiful. speaking of which, this may be a question for Mr. Hecht, is there a function in the profile area that i can click to delete my account once and for good? this rat race is starting to get to me.
Interestingly, 12m is the number of jobs projected to be created in the next 4 years as things lie. Romney doesn't need to pass any legislation at all to do this; it is literally the status quo.

That is his plan. Do nothing. Let the invisible hand of the free market fix all of America's problems.
Check out that shirt. He doesn't look like someone I'd like to have a beer with.

Maybe a wine spritzer or a long island iced tea, as long as there are little umbrellas.
It's OK, just stop showing up in every thread to burble blithely on about how terrific Rmoney is. We won't miss you, and we'll soon forget you. Sure, your profile will still exist, but only like the cast-off skin of a snake that has outgrown itself.
Mitt Romney will create 12M new jobs by declaring war on China, Russia, and Iran and re-instating the draft.
@6 If you're a conservative, aren't you supposed to do everything for yourself? Asking for help is a bit socialistic, don't you think?

Just start making threats and spamming. I'm sure they'll delete you.
9,11- I appreciate your responses, sincerely. The key is self control, something that comes tough for me. Sorry if I came across as a conservative or a Rmoney supporter. No such thing. I'm pretty much the avg fucked up U.S. citesen. Being manipulated by the media. See ya at the 1st debate!
This is the most human Romney has looked throughout is entire campaign. Unfortunately for him, he still looks like Commander Data.
Is it just me, or does he look like he's about to start laughing at the recitation of misery at the start of this thing. The whole list seems to jolly him up. It's creepy.

12 million new jobs over four years is 3 million jobs a year, which is 250,000 new jobs every month. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the creation of 1.8 million jobs in the trailing 12 months (seasonally adjusted).…

So that would be job growth faster than it has been, but certainly not an unprecedented growth rate for coming out of a recession and bouncing back from big layoffs in the public sector.

On the whole, not an impressive promise.
I haven't watched the video yet (I'm at work and heaps of disingenuous bullshit is only SFW if it's coming from upper management), but the title is interesting. "Too Many Americans." If I didn't know better I'd suggest Mitt was going to make a case for tightening immigration allowances.
@6 - One of us! One of us!

@16 - Or murder!
I can't think of a president who has won the election without unsubstantiated rhetoric.

Data is still more human than Romney.

Ugh. I know...that's exactly what I've been dwelling on for at least two years now. Although I think Ruke has a great point as well.
@1, @20 - I find that a little hard to believe. When the economy improves business will expand and hire to increase profits as to keep up with their competitors; sitting on the sidelines and pouting does make much business sense in a growing economy.
23 million unemployed - 12 million new jerbs = 11 million still unemployed.


I don't really believe that, I just entertain it as a worst case scenario. Still...corporate profits are record-high and hiring is still at a pitiful rate. We're not talking about small business here, we're talking about "job creators". Large successful businesses that donate vast sums of money to PACs and have the money to hire droves of workers if they were so inclined.

I've already admitted in previous threads I have a mild paranoid streak so don't bother going there.

Don't forget about population growth over the next four years. Also people who aren't on the official unemployment rolls any longer, yet still have no job.
Look at his eyes. He's not selling it. He's reading what he's being told to read, he doesn't believe in what he's saying.
@4 "Plan? What plan? We don't need to show you no steenkin' plans!"

Somebody get Mitt a sombrero and a couple of bandoliers, stat! I think we've got that Mexican angle down for him now.
He also keeps talking poor people and the unemployed and people who don't pay federal income taxes as "them" rather than "you".

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