Well, they bought into 1183, didn't they? I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Homeless Tent Camp in Tukwila more strict than Seattle hipsters:

"We have nurses, chiropractors and anything you can think of," Ingham said. "It's not all drug addicts like some people think. No drugs or alcohol are tolerated. We're really strict about that. There are a lot of rules here."…
Marcus Charles owns the Crocodile? WTF? If so, this is about as stupid as that knucklehead Capitol Hill building owner taking a stand against gay marriage.
Obviously he knows that Romney is going to lose big in Seattle and is hoping to get that anti-labor pro-boss prick Mckenna elected on Obama’s coattails.

McKenna has been one of Walker’s biggest brown nosers, if elected he will likely try and pass anti-labor laws in Washington like the ones in Wisconsin, in spite of his claims to the contrary, or even right-to-work-for-nothing laws, and believe me labor will sue the shit out of this state if he does.

When you're on topic, you at least occasionally have some interesting and/or insightful things to say. When you're off topic though, you're really, seriously way off-topic.
Many restauranteurs are backing Inslee, and some, like myself, have even quit the WRA for their crazy position backing McKenna.
Thanks Dave, was wondering your take on that.
Thanks for further ostracizing those of us who do support Obama, gay marriage, AND McKenna. As a moderate, it's nice to see I still am a person without a political party.
@8 awww poor muffin, your own decisions have led you to not have a bunch of bandwagon buddies? I feel so bad for you.
For the record, as much as the WRA is basically a Republican partisan organization, it is completely possible to be an intelligent, good person and back McKenna. And while I support Inslee, and disagree with those who back McKenna, let's not make the mistake of vilifying those we disagree with. Inslee is against pot legalization, and presented a jobs plan to restauranteurs that didn't address restaurants, the #1 employer in the State. And while McKenna is pretty far right, he's nowhere close to the extreme right that runs the Republican party, though he seems to embrace the radical right Catholic Church in this state, and will definitely appoint radical elements of his party to positions of power in State gov't if elected.

All that said, vote Inslee - he's better for small business AND employees, not to mention the environment, social justice, a working infrastructure, education, etc, etc. I mean, if you care about such things...
@8 actually, it sounds like you've got two parties to choose from, and are doing so.
If the R's feel the need to claim the "Progressive" mantle, I take it as a sign that the D's are winning, in the war of ideas, at least.
#10: Restaurants, the #1 employer in the state? Say hello to AGRICULTURE, you urban hipster dumbfuck.
I'm sorry, but it's driving me crazy: it's restaurateur, not restauranteur. There's no "n." It's taken directly from the French: restaurer (to restore or replenish -- no "n"); restauration (the act of restoring or replenishing, or by extension the restaurant sector -- no "n"); restaurateur (one who restores or replenishes, or by extension one who owns or runs a restaurant -- no "n"). But maybe I'm being a nitpicker. If you want to get revenge on the French for changing walkie-talkie to talkie-walkie, go ahead and throw in the "n." Just don't be surprised if I throw an irregardless or two into my future posts.

I suppose I should probably address the merits to redeem myself a little, so here goes:

Washington has had a hyperregressive tax system since 1932. In 2010, around 65% of them voted against an initiative that would have imposed a moderate income tax on the 1.3% richest Washingtonians, cut property tax by 20% for everyone, and raised $2 billion for health and education in the midst of the State's worst financial crisis since the SST was canceled. Washington voters are dumber than a box of rocks. I think the Washington Restaurant Association has its target audience pretty well pegged.

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