Levi's suck! Bought a pair of 501s from the States two weeks ago and get this,they literally fell apart after two washes. That's right,you could actually pull the denim apart with your bare hands when the denim was wet! I'm really pissed off about this,because the company that sold them to me refuse to send me a new pair because I've washed them. Levi's are total crap. This is a warning to others to NOT buy there products at all!
I find that Lee straight legs bought online unwashed will last me around 12 months as long as I wash them in cold water inside out with woolite and let them air dry, I have 4 pairs that I rotate weekly.

Seems that another business in the clothing industry moves to Asia for cheaper labor and cheaper fabric.
Levi's jeans have DEFINITELY gone downhill, rather significantly. I still own Levi's made in the 1990's and comparing them to what Levi's is making today is shocking. I can't believe how the denim is so thin and low quality. The stitching is still very good, but it can't make up for inferior fabric. SO... I'm periodically having my jeans repaired for their cumulative years of wear, rather than buy new Levi's. Still on the hunt for something good that matches Levi's from the old days....
The new Levi's 501 strengthened with dyneema looks promising. Not sure if I should try them out
levis hasn't made a decent pair of jeans in 20 years.after the late 80 s, they just didn't fit. ive been the same size just about all my life , give or take 2 or 3 pounds. I started lookin around for others. not much out there, unless you wanna pay through the nose.levis 501 and 505 really had a good thing goin on. like everthing else in the u.s. ...gave it away.
The 501 Jeans SUCK BIG TIME . What the Hell are they Thinking ? A pair of Jeans used too
Last you Years now if you Get six to eight months your Lucky . I just bought my Last pair
After 45 Years of Buying them Im Done. CHEEP ASS JEANS .NOT MADE IN THE USA
I just dumped Levis for Lee Regular Fit Straight Leg. They fit just like the old 505's Bye Bye Levis
I have been buying Schaefer Ranchwear jeans. They are made in USA, affordable ($50)
and so far, last a long time. I buy them online. Just search for them by name.
Got into the conversations on this subject after taking my "Signature" Levi's out of the dryer. They look like crap after the second washing. They are low quality and the biggest complaint....They wrinkle. What? Never have any of my other jeans wrinkle. Just weird. Won't purchase these again.
They still have a lifetime warranty though so just keep sending them back for new ones. I too have noticed the decline in quality but I still haven't paid for a new pair of levis since I bought these 4 pairs 10 years ago. I just keep getting them replaced under warranty every time they start to fall apart. I bet if everyone started using the warranty they would improve their quality. I just keep getting free new jeans every year as it is so I don't really care.
Well well well, Levis has been around forever... They surely haven't build a 100 years of business with cheap product. I sell some Levis on my store… and I never got a return for a defective pair of jeans. The worst I got are people not fitting in some of their skinnier jeans!
i have almost 10 pairs of levis 501 and all of them came from my uncles and aunts that have been bought years ago. i only ware the jeans when i'm in trip and ride then it makes me feel good .. i tried to fit some another denim in some brands of jeans in different stores before but nothing could compare including wrangler, lee, dickies etch. as 501's feels better, looks better, fits better than that particular jeans. In the fast days, i'm so proud the way i bought a pair of levi's 501 new arrival though it was so inspiring to myself and it doesn't makes me irritating, it fits me better like a cool kid. Anyway, i'm a die hard fan of 501 since highschool and all i can say is'''' LEVI'S 501 all the way'''''.
Been wearing Levi's most of my life. Used to be 501 shrink to fit, now hard to find. A few years ago they would last about 5 years, usually the knees wore through. Now the price is almost double and like everyone on here, the knees and crouch go out after about a year.
Been wearing Levis 501s since the 60s...of course the denim was heavy and durable, sewing second to none, great fit and great feel. Just bought a pair of gray 501s on ebay: CRAP "!!! they are light as a feather and sewing and details are crap. Lucky for me, I bought a ton of 501s back in the day sittin in my closet. Same goes for Levi jackets. The old style was much better in everyway than this imported shit
I am relatively sure you were praying Levis were as good as they used to be. They are not. Consequently, I am done buying them
I currently have 5 pairs of Levi's that have the belt loops coming"apart at the seams!" and detached from the jeans. I took 3 pair of Levis to a seamstress and had them sewed and reinforced a while back. This does not include the 5 pairs of jeans that I am taking back to the this morning to the seamstress for repair! I have worn Levis for 45 years. However I am not going to tolerate piss poor manufactured jeans. I have had enough, time to move on to a different brand.
I put on some weight. My waist has gone from a 32" to 34" to 36" to 38" and I topped out at 40". I'm now back in 38" Levis. I bought the 38" Levis but I was too fat at the time to get into them. So I had to lose some weight. I have lost about 20 lbs now and the 38" jeans fit me. The problem I have though is that I drive a school bus and invariably it seems that Levis Jeans, the 38" jeans, make me end up sitting on my scrotum, which is not very comfortable. The 40" Wranglers that I bought are very room in the crotch, and they got very roomy because I lost weight. Right now I must either wear the too big, too crotchy Wranglers, or the more snug Levis which make me sick on my sack. The bus seat doesn't help here either. I'll probably start a new bus route in a new bus next week. I hope the seat isn't sinking down the way the one in my current bus is. I have to see if I lose more weight if the Levis will seem to be reasonable in the crotch. And no, I don't have a big package, more the opposite. Also, the Wrangler Jeans I bought have had issues. I left some Q Tips in the small pocket to the right, washed and dried the jeans and the plastic dug the stitching out of the small pocket. In another pair the sewing of the seam in the upper part of the left leg gave out and I had to sew it back together before the other stitching gave out too. I know my body is not what it was by far but neither are the jeans. The Levis and Wrangler jeans now have the small front pockets which must be made that way so a cell phone can be retrieved easily. In closing, I can't take much more of this scrotum riding in the school bus. I keep twisting around in the chair and I can only wonder what the kids might think if they are noticing. They probably think I have roids.
Lee and Carhartt's still make the jeans thick and durable. Levi's went with a thinner jeans that simply do not last. Must also watch were they were made. The sizing and fit can be different.
The Levis signature regular straight cut 33-30 are the most comfortable jeans ever!!! They fit great very comfortable and at around $21.00 bucks a pair I'll throw them out in 6 months and buy another 4 pairs! LOL!! So don't Bitch about quality! !! Their great!! If you want to spend a ton of money on jeans that fit and feel like cardboard then be my guest! I love the signature series regular cut in all colors!!!! Keep pumping them out Levis! ! Love em!! Joe Augustitus!!!! Seymour, Ct..

I'm 43 years old. When I was young I remember the Levi's being thick and hefty and sewn with mega thread. That button was never coming off. And the weight alone was like a pound for a pair. I ordered some Levi's from JC Penny the other day and they felt like soft cotton gym pants. The fit and make was horrible. Made terrible. And from the crotch to the top button was like a foot long! Almost like a human being didn't design them. I don't know, I really think Levi's is out sourcing their products to other companies and just making a small amount of products themselves and not letting anyone know where they are being sold. There's gotta be better jeans out there.
20.00/hr. Pay, I am not considering buying 200.00 jeans. That last only 6 months, and make my birthday look good. I need jeans that have room in the crotch and do not look like I am one below chessy.
The only way your going to get a decent pair of Levis is if you buy the shrink to fit . Otherwise your buying denim that is has been Sanforized prior to the final stitching proces . That sanforization process preshrinks the favric and locks its shape, size, and whatever indigo is lefft on the threads. This makes for a more uniform final product but if you need jeans to not wear out every 6 months then its a crap shoot. Go raw, and never go back.
Four brands:

Carhartt, bunch of fits and wear well.

Wrangler, as above.

Ben Davis, original, tough as nails, anti fashion.

Cabela's, think they are made by Carhartt, tough work pants.
Levi's has been reduced to Japanese junk. The Japanese bought this company and have been bleeding the Icon ever since. First they change the quality of the Denim. Then they've changed the cut to save fabric. There are numerous complaints about the crotch ripping out. And last they've cut the hem on the pockets and pant legs from a 1/2 inch to a 1/4. The LEVI'S company we grew up with does not exist. You are on longer buying the quality the Levi's name it represented! Please don't patronize them!
I know this is an old post, but I just had to comment. Back in the late 90's when I was in high school, Levi's were one of the better quality jeans you could get without payin $100, imho. I had one pair that I got around age 17 or 18 and continued to wear through college and for about two after I graduated. Once when I was doing work, I bent my knees and stretched the very worn fabric to the breaking point. I kept wearing them until the hole no longer looked stylish. All-in-all, I bet I got 6 or 7 years out of those jeans.

Of course, I went to the store after that and immediately purchased a new pair of the exact same style. EXACTLY like you stated, at about 6 months, a hole formed in the crotch. I never had this problem with previous jeans and tried to decifer what could have caused it, but was unable. I ended up buying another pair. . . and another and in one instance I had the jeans for about two or three weeks and when I was putting them on one day, they simply ripped. It wasn't even on a seam. It was on the side near a rivet, I believe. The other pair had the exact same 6 month lifespan in which the crotch blew out again.

I ended up calling Levis to complain and they told me to send them all back and they'd be replaced. I almost did it, but decided it wasn't worth the shipping to get another pair of shoddy jeans. Thus, I had to search for a good pair and after trying Express Jeans (way overpriced for the quality) I finally took a suggestion from a friend and went to The Buckle. I purchased a pair of their BKE jeans for around $120-$130, and told them of my issues with other brands. They informed me that they had a seamstress on staff who would not only refit my jeans, if needed, but if I got a hole or any damage, they would fix it. If they could not fix it in a reasonable way, they would replace them. I have never looked back. These are the only nice jeans I will ever buy. For throw around and work jeans, however, I've discovered that Lee's jeans are pretty good quality now. They aren't always the most stylish fit, but still much better than Levi's.

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